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BJBB: Aster [Trump] by hen-tie BJBB: Aster [Trump] by hen-tie


▌ P R O F I L E

" W a t e r m e l o n "
[ B A S I C · I N F O R M A T I O N ]
Name : Aster
Age : 21
Birthday : September 13
Breed : Alaska Rabbit
Height : 5'11" ft
Weight : 135 lbs
Profession : Hitman | Punk
Rank : Trump
Card of Choice : Two of Clubs

    [ A T T R I B U T E ]
    [ The Second Heart ]
    → Aster has an electric organ called the "The Second Heart"; gaining its name due to its location near the diaphragm, just below the heart. It is able to produce high voltage charges because of special cells called electrocytes. It is immeasurable how much it can store electricity, although the built up energy must be periodically released to avoid internal complications. The highest it was able to discharge is roughly a million volts every time the brain sends the electrocytes a signal through the nervous system; it releases energy through special nerves found in every part of the body, often the nerves in the wielder's hands. After every discharge, especially after prolonged periods of use, it must recharge for a few hours to regain full capacity. To be able to handle such an unpredictably dangerous organ, Aster's body gained a much higher resistance to electricity than most rabbits and humans; being able to be unaffected when hit with currents under 8 amps.

    [ W E A P O N S ]
    [ Dual Lances "Duo Lanceis" ]
    → A product of prolonged electrostatic discharges, the lances are created out of high voltage electricity that are naturally produced by the second heart. Because of the energy being released within the electromagnetic field around each lance, the photons appear as visible light which gives the weapon a discernible form. Even though it is possible for him to change its shape, he prefers it to stay as lances. It can be materialized in any space within a limited perimeter (roughly a 15 meter radius with him at the center) and disperses almost immediately when exceeding the area of effect. Excessive use of it can drain his electric reserves immensely if not given time to recover; especially when he uses it for over an hour. When drained, Aster becomes vulnerable and extremely sluggish; he could pass out as a result. The lances are powerful enough to melt and cut through steel as if it were butter and can emit voltages as high as one million volts (a hundredth of an average lightning bolt). Although it is not necessarily fatal because—for the sake of not killing—he avoids letting the lances discharge a certain low amount of amps when fighting someone. Low amps can cause strong muscle contractions that induces fibrillation (and ultimately paralysis in the heart muscles); while higher amps will cause burns, although victims can easily be revived with CPR. This self-imposed limitation is put aside if his objective is to kill. Though potentially able to increase the current to several amps, his other reasons for not doing so is because it can burn him out if he went past the limits of his body which can kill him.
    [ Regulator Glove ]
    → Aster's right glove was initially made to regulate the electricity present in his body, specifically the arm (when it was still recovering). It can absorb any electrical energy it comes in contact with, which Aster could use to his advantage either to replenish his own energy or to drain any machinery running on electricity. In contrast to popular belief, he couldn't directly absorb extraneous electrical energy and isn't immune to it especially if he is hit by amps going past ten; he needs an 'adapter' and could get hurt. With the use of nanotechnology, the glove has advanced electrical threads and micro resistors placed in it. It was first developed by Ether, a young genius who once resided in the HQ's infirmary. GiA, BJBB's robotics specialist, developed an improved version ever since the previous glove broke down during a mission (Prison Break).

    [ I T E M S ]
    [ Two of clubs card keychain ]
    → A metal keychain of a two of clubs card. Inside is a picture of him together with his late master; he never leaves this behind. Despite how careless he appears to be, the keychain looks well-kept and barely has any scratches or dents on it.
    [ Choker with bell ]
    → A black leather collar given to him by his late master. There is an engraved lettering inside, "forever mine". Mei recently placed the bell on it as a joke. For some reason Aster never took it off.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

[ Cheeky | Impulsive | Hardy | Hot-headed | Callous | Recluse | Pensive | Vindictive | Protective | Secretly good-hearted ]

Aster is basically a surly, usually unpleasant individual. Withdrawn on his spare time, he's often unaware of his surroundings unless something really annoying caught his attention. He'll usually dismiss such nuisances if he's not that pissed off though his patience wears thin very fast. Unfortunately his indifference doesn't extend to any painfully obvious offense towards him. For every wrong, he charges back generously. With such a bold temperament, he almost always gets into fights much to his chagrin since he usually finds such activities entertaining. When getting into a scuffle with other brigade members, he'd usually think of it as innocent roughhousing even if his 'playmate' is at the brink of death.

He's not the type to socialize but he would answer if talked to (if he feels like it). He usually just stays quiet when someone tries to confide with him since consoling was never his specialty. He's very blunt with his words and swears a lot, making it seem he has little to no concern for anyone. He was never really interested in meddling in the problems of others for the sole reason he dislikes getting involved. Despite being crude, he will do whatever he could to save others when their lives are put in danger. He would often regret doing so later especially if he despises the person he rescued. As a Trump, he places his personal prejudices aside since it's his obligation to protect the brigade members.

His malaise aside, he became more docile (especially to girls) after living in the brigade for four years. He started to try understanding others more and became slightly more open to a few individuals, whom he unconsciously became possessive and protective of, after they have gained a high degree of trust. He counts any err done to them as an offense done to him—with his lances, he'd be sure to barbecue the miscreant. In the end, he's a softy deep beneath all those crude layers he shows. Though hard to change, his loyalty will remain unyielding once earned.

    [ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
    + Fights
    + Burger
    + Sassing
    + Salty or spicy food
    + His friends (will never admit it)

    - Being disrespected (diss + aster = DISASTER)
    - Espionage (because he's too damn flashy)
    - Assholes (he's a hypocrite)
    - Being a Trump
    - Sweets
    - People

▌ B I O G R A P H Y

❝Men should be either treated generously or destroyed...❞

“...because they take revenge for slight injuries — for heavy ones they cannot.”

— Niccolo Machiavelli

[ P R O L O G U E ]

There was a test subject, an experiment perfected for six years, created in such a manner to harness and produce within it high amounts of electricity. Unaware of its origin and purpose, it simply lived.

[ A D O L E S C E N C E ]

There was a small scrawny black-haired rabbit of seven years, sold nameless into the much darker side of slavery. He was forced to participate in blood sports similar to dog fights where young rabbits were pitted against each other. Only a day's worth of food and medicine are granted to its winners. What made him survive such harsh conditions was his uncanny ability to materialize knives created out of electricity, enabling him to defeat other rabbits that were physically stronger and bigger than him. He never knew why and how he was able to conjure such a power, but he used it to whatever extent he could to keep himself alive. Over time, he adapted to this kind of life. He became more resourceful and clever in every scuffle. Having triumphed over so many battles, he became known and won the favor of many gamblers participating in these games but also the hatred and fear from his fellow peers imprisoned as well.

He was mostly alone until one other rabbit told him one day they were “friends”. With no name to call by except the identification code “RN11050” on his ear tag, he was spontaneously named “Clover” then and there because of the tattoo on his cheek. He didn't trust the other rabbit at first and didn't respond to the name; but thanks to the other's undying persistence to become his friend, he learned to warm up and simply accept him over time. He realized that having a friend wasn't so bad after all. Days became more bearable for the young Clover since there was a friend to treat his wounds and welcome him back alive after every battle.

His friend, being a self-proclaimed professional escapist and thief, would sometimes sneak the both of them out of their cages after “borrowing” some keys. That was Clover’s first time seeing the outside world. He couldn't explain how exciting it felt. Perhaps he felt happiness because of how wondrous the outside world seemed to be whenever his friend explained to him that this was the kind of world he had. He was told that there was something beautiful called “family” waiting and looking for him. That was the greatest difference between him and his friend; he had no one looking for him and he knew nothing about the world beyond the walls of the prison. Even though he loved this respite freedom, Clover always returned back to that horrid place. His friend kept trying to convince him over and over to leave for good and start a new life together—a life where he could live free and happy with him and his family. To his friend’s dismay, Clover kept turning him down since he only knew the prison as his only “home”. He explained how he couldn't imagine a life aside from killing to survive. A “monster” like him would never fit in the outside world or in a family. Knowing how stubborn Clover was, his friend always reluctantly returned with him.

Their fun explorations outside the prison continued for several days until both their fears suddenly came true. The day came when they were pitted against each other in a formal duel. As part of the human entertainment, bets were being made since only one of them will survive. Hours before the scheduled battle, Clover escaped his cage. He finally had a resolution to leave this place; to live in the outside world and keep his friend safe. After rescuing his friend, they managed to get as far as the exit. Unfortunately, there were thick bars standing between them and their freedom. Too many humans were already coming after them that escape seemed almost futile. Clover served as a distraction to give his friend enough time to open the locked gate, he fought their pursuers and managed to knock out most of them. Everything was going well for them until a tranquilizer bullet shot Clover on the shoulder. Before passing out, he saw his friend running out the opened gate without even turning his head to look back. All those dreams and talk about them becoming a family suddenly lost meaning. He felt betrayed and yet he couldn't make himself hate him.  

Since Clover was deemed as "damaged" property for his negligent behavior, he was immediately sent for disposal. Only half alive and drugged, the small rabbit boy could only vaguely hear about his sad fate from nearby guards stationed outside his cell. Strangely though, when he finally came to, he found himself in an entirely different place. He was in a comfy bed in contrast to the cold stone floors he was accustomed to; he soon realized he was in a fancy looking apartment that overlooked the city. Much to his surprise, he was then greeted by a beautiful woman who suddenly called him “Aster”. She introduced herself as Rosemary and told him how she owns a café in dire need of rabbit workers. She also soon explained to him that she purchased him for a simple reason as she thought he was cute. The little rabbit couldn't help but stare in silence, confused with the situation. Even though he was going to be disposed, he found it strange that a mere maid café owner was able to afford a high tier fighting rabbit such as him. However did that happen . . . he only knew he owed her his life now. His suspicions faded over time as he learned to grow accustomed to this new life she introduced to him. And soon, learning to cherish it and fall in love.

[ V I C I S S I T U D E ]

Every day Aster worked in Rosemary’s noshery, Le Petit Café, as a young waiter alongside the other rabbit maids the woman takes care of. Since he was the only rabbit boy serving, he became popular among female customers and co-workers who constantly dote and call upon him to his dismay. He learned to bake, clean, and do chores under Rosemary’s guidance. Having lived a life of a “normal” person, he began to forget what came before all this. Life had been peaceful for ten years, and those years had been the happiest he ever was.

“I have a gift for you,” Rosemary chimed as she handed a keychain imaged after the two of clubs card.

“Ara…? I don’t understand why you like this card so much. You do know that in many card games, clubs is the lowest house,” the boy retorted as he played with the keychain between his fingers.

“Aren’t clovers supposed to be lucky charms?” She smiled gleefully, confident with her words.

“Those are four-leafed clovers. This is clubs we are talking about…”

“But, but! Two regular clovers have six leaves in total! That’s better than just one four-leaf.”

“Ughh…” The boy couldn’t help but facepalm.

“Hey! I have very serious reasons why I like this card. Reasons that should make you like this card as well. The number two means that there are two of us, and even though we both don’t have extraordinary luck… we are lucky to have each other.” Though she wore such a child-like expression, her smile was sweet, too sweet that it made the boy awe in silence.

“S-since when did you get so cheesy?!” Embarrassed, he looked away to cover his flushed face.

“Hee hee. At least now I know you can actually get embarrassed. I find it cute.” She poked him playfully for him to look at her. After she got her way, she revealed that the keychain is actually a locket that had a picture of both of them in it. “It’s our memento of the time you smiled for me.”

The following day, Aster woke up only to find out he overslept since Rosemary didn’t wake him that morning. He rushed to the café since he's responsible for prepping the shop every day, wearing his favorite hoodie as he hid his ears to avoid any unwanted looks on the way. Being half an hour late could mean losing a lot of potential customers or angering waiting regulars. His worries became worse when he saw a crowd forming in front of the café. Were they waiting for it to open?! He begun to panic inside his head as he pushed through the people only to find out what they were staring at. The café was on fire. He was shocked as he stood among these people who did nothing but watch, none calling for authorities or doing anything to even help. He recognized some of these people because they were regular customers. He couldn’t believe the words they said.

“Too bad. I actually like the food here but it was about time that something was done about this place.”

“It’s funny how they are forcefully closed this way.”

“Serves them right. They all deserved to burn in hell. Even that bunny loving bitch of an owner.”

How could they utter such cruel things? Just the day before some of them were even smiling as they were being served their best deserts and drinks. At that moment, he strongly wanted to kill these people. He ran inside despite the flames growing furiously, the entrance behind him collapsed. Saving the others became his utmost priority as he frantically searched for any survivors inside. His eyes widened upon realizing the majority of the people he aimed to save were reduced to nothing but indistinguishable lumps of meat and blood that covered the walls and floors. This was no accident; someone really wanted to slaughter them all. He wanted to vomit at the bloody sight but his concern for Rosemary was too overwhelming, he hoped that she wasn’t part of this grotesque sight. He ran deeper into the store as he dodged falling and burning obstacles. He kicked down a door that led to one of the inner rooms, finding what he had sought for.

An inexplicable pain filled his heart when he saw her, bleeding on the ground and missing her left arm. She was still breathing but it was as if she only held on long enough for him to arrive. With whatever strength she could muster, Rosemary turned her head to look at him. Her pained expression turned to that of relief and endearment. She smiled at him like she usually did. He couldn't understand why she gave him such a happy smile at a time like this. His legs trembled as he forced himself to come closer, falling to his knees next to her. He gently held her for an embrace as he gave breathless promises that things would be alright and that he would save her. Rosemary could barely speak but she kept muttering despite the pleas to save her energy instead.


Her sapphire eyes slowly lost its luster as her head went limp in his embrace. He could no longer hear her breathing and her beating heart. At that moment it seemed as if everything fell silent amidst the turmoil. A cry escaped the boy’s lips as he realized she was gone.

Everything that came after was a blur; an uncontrollable rage filled the entirety of his consciousness. He could only feel himself once again revving back the electricity within him that had lain dormant for so long. When he walked out the café, two brilliant lances of unrefined form materialized in his hands. The familiar feeling of bloodlust came back the moment he slid off the hood to reveal his accursed rabbit ears, a twisted smile etched on his face as he saw the fear in these petty humans' eyes. The next thing he knew he was cutting or burning people limb from limb as they desperately flee for their lives. It was just like before; the familiar stench of burnt blood and flesh filled the air. POSRA eventually came to subdue the rabbit, but his blind wrath killed any officer coming close. Thus, POSRA was forced to put him down for good. Fortunately, before the sniper could have a chance to pull the trigger, another rabbit interfered. It wasn't without struggle since the rabbit had to forcefully knock him unconscious. They both successfully escaped the POSRA infested site. A few days came to pass and Aster woke up abruptly from a “nightmare”.

“Kyeheh, so we managed to get you in time, that's good to know...” an unknown woman’s voice sounded.

He later realized he was in an unfamiliar room, his body covered in bandages. A woman named Kyuu stood before him and explained to him how she had him brought to his “new home”, a syndicate called Black Jack's Bunny Brigade. Hastily, she proposed a new job for him: to work for them in exchange of information about the perpetrators who took the lives of everyone he ever care about. It came as an abrupt offer and it surprised him that she was a step ahead and knew what was running in his mind. He didn’t trust her but temptation took over; he accepted even if the offer would turn out to be a deal with the devil.

[ C O N T R A C T ]

Aster began his career as a hitman of the brigade. In time, he eventually got used to it . . . got used to the feeling of killing again. Still not being able to cope from losing his master, he worked hard in favor of the brigade's head hacker to finally grant him information and optional assignments related to her death. And in one of those assignments, he was followed by a child whom he was forced to take care of much to his distaste. He struggled with “babysitting” especially when he couldn’t even get along with many of the brigade members, having almost killed or be killed by them. He had been reckless with his actions because of his detachment with life, which lessened in time when he unconsciously grew an attachment to what he thought was the scarcest of things—people who hold meaning to him. Although thanks to that same recklessness, Aster got badly injured and almost lost his life after one particular mission. Unfortunately, he didn’t recover entirely. His arm was crushed and the nerves within it that serve as a pathway of his naturally produced electricity never fully healed. His crippled arm was put in a sling since moving or trying to transfer electricity through it caused him unbearable pain. To compensate for his disability, he had to change his means to fight if he were to take on hitman missions again.

Despite his pitiful condition, he still persevered with taking missions because of his obsession on finding the killer. In a span of half a year, his efforts finally bore fruit, and later found out who took everything from him that fateful day. The murderer was a contract killer, a rabbit much like him. Although the discovery came as a shock to him—it turned out to be the very child he took care of and brought back with him to the brigade. Devastated, he shut himself away from everyone, even his own friends. Though annoying and juvenile at first, the child was someone he learned to cherish. The undeniable attachment made him distraught at the thought of taking the child’s life. He wanted to give up on exacting revenge. Unfortunately, before he could come into terms with his own feelings, the child had left the brigade; leaving for fear that Aster no longer cared. The child returned back “home”, to the same organization that wanted Rosemary dead. Although their reaction was unexpected, instead of welcoming the child’s return, they wanted to dispose of the “traitor”. Guilt-stricken after learning of the child’s fate, Aster tirelessly searched to find the young rabbit. Thankfully he saved the child before it was too late. Upon their return to the brigade, many things changed between them. Even if things didn’t return to how they were, their bond became stronger than before. And that child is Mei.

“I’m sorry Rose… I guess you could get mad at me when we finally see each other, yeah?”

He gave up on the idea of exacting revenge.

The organization called “Yggdrasil”—which Mei was part of—remained a mystery to him but he suspected they had something to do with the prison from his childhood. Even though he was curious, he'd rather leave the organization alone than draw further attention. After all, he was happy with the way things were then. After serving BJBB for a year, he was promoted to a “Secretary” by Kyuu, one of the Jokers at the time. He didn't really know what was behind the decision. He knew he was unruly and unsuited to become a higher-up of sorts, confused as all the others who were promoted with him, but soon dismissed it as the Joker's whim.

After many grueling months, he no longer needed his sling. And though not completely healed, he was glad to finally move his arm again. By then, his relationship with the members improved . . . more or less. Though what he didn’t expect was the sudden resignation or rather, disappearance of the Jokers who had watched over the brigade since his stay.

He was left, together with the other secretaries, to figure out how to lead the brigade from there on.

[ P R E S E N T ]

With the entire system shifting, he became a “Trump”, his duties becoming more strenuous as the brigade’s number grew. His apprehensiveness with the situation further inflamed with the loss of friends, not knowing whether they have simply left or died. In time, he became indifferent with everything that had been happening around him. Though his indifference didn’t last since he couldn’t help but still sympathize with many other rabbits who were in need, and finally looked at his new role in a different light.

While trying to “dismiss” any misbehaving members, he's also trying his best to be a good “big brother” to his adopted little “sisters”.

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ T R I V I A ]
  • Mei got rid of his old jacket as revenge for burning his scarf.
  • He is half Chinese and American.
  • He usually avoids girls because of the years of experience he had in the maid café.
  • He can't bring himself to hurt girls physically. He'll still curse a lot though.
  • He chose September 13 for his birthday to serve as a solemn reminder of the end of his old life and the beginning of his new one.
  • Once a year, he visits his old "home".
  • He, at times, uses Japanese honorifics because it was an old habit he picked up from the maid café.
  • He seems to like older women.
  • He shares his room with Mei who unfortunately kicks him during sleep or damage his bed while he's away.
  • He is good in baking, which is ironic since he absolutely despises sweets.

[ R E L A T I O N S ]
  • Mei : Closest to family. Even if Mei had grown taller and tougher over the years, Aster can't help but still think of him as his precious little "sister".
  • Faye : Little sister...? Maybe it's because she closely resembles Mei, especially by face, that he couldn't bear not taking care of her to the most of his ability.
  • Felix : Annoying dude. He doesn’t understand why he’s constantly getting annoyed at him. Could it be because he’s close with Mei? Other than that, he feels they knew each other for a long time now.
  • Eight : Supposedly a close friend though Aster barely remembers him. Haven't been in contact lately.
  • Kyuu : A deeply respected person and ex-benefactor.
  • Xyruz : Annoying brat who shouts at him when he sees him with his older sister. Sister complex much?
  • Diara : Tsundere man-hater. He finds her attractive, nothing more.
  • Vanilla : Creepy little girl in need of guidance. He hopes she's not being a bad influence to Mei.
  • Kirsche : An idiot. Because of his severe idiocy he feels he must take care of him.
  • Alma : Another stray that followed him home. He feels obligated to take care of this idiot.
  • Ether : A tiny brainiac. He is grateful to him.
  • Mirai : Disturbing tranny. Number 3 on hate list.
  • Bain : The bane of the brigade. Number 2 on hate list.
  • Lea : words can describe how much he hates him. It's a miracle they still work together even after over three years.

Ahahaha. Look at that bloody wall of text. Damn. Thank you if you read that shit. orz"

EDIT 09/16/15 : Old App
BJBB: Aster V4 by hen-tie
Updated for Aster's 21st birthday. God I'm ashamed I passed his 2014 revamp but those were dark, dark days. I feel I barely improved (maybe even not at all) but regardless, I'm happy about the result. I'm excited to RP again especially this hot-headed shat is one of my most beloved OC's, being one of my first RP OC's ever on DA back in 2011.

PS BJBB did a 2015 revamp so do check out our front page when you have the time. Mucho arigatou to everyone who donated pts to us! :iconnashaflailplz:

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"Hello there," July smiled spotting a cute looking bunny boy with a blue eyes and a clover mark on his cheek. "I'm July, you would be?" She hadn't been in the brigade for long enough to know that the boy was of a way higher rank than her, so she approached him easily, interested to make a new acquaintance or a friend.

I'll just assume it's a random encounter at a peaceful time. //either before or after the jailbreak stuff. If that's fine with you. :'D //oh boy, this might not end well considering Aster's personality, but who knows. //laughs// 
hen-tie Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
//sob tshuki come back how to reply to this :iconlazyweepplz: ))
tshuki Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Student General Artist
((//rolls awae// ahahhahhaaaa~ //gomen ))
hen-tie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
hope tshu will come back tho--:iconcryforeverplz:
other than that--do you have skype or something so it's easier to contact? //weep))
tshuki Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Student General Artist
Probably not, ahahaaaa :iconrunrolanrunplz:
I do have a skype, though, hahah (tshuktshuk) but idk if much meaning since I'm running from bjbb  
hen-tie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
aww it's ok bab. we can always just talk randomly and hope to come across one another in another grp one day :iconrlytearplz:
tshuki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Student General Artist
True enough! :iconmanlytearsplz:
DroidDragon27 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Ahh I see you like to draw anime characters a lot! 
Ive recently found a game in Korea that's still in development (ohgodicantwait)
its called Peria chronicles
its so beautiful ;0;
its an anime game but WOW 
hen-tie Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
aha yes--it's pretty much the only style i draw :iconokayfaceplz:
and ohhhh//googles it up
waaa-such a pretty-looking game it's like fantasy MMORPG x pokemon ehe :iconureshiiplz:
DroidDragon27 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
If you search up the trailer
to much g8
djgenex Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
One of The Best Works I ever Seen.
hen-tie Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
waa--i'm really flattered you think so. thank you. :iconallmytearplz:
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