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October 27, 2011
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BJBB: Kirsche [Spades] by hen-tie BJBB: Kirsche [Spades] by hen-tie

▌ P R O F I L E

“ C h e r r y ”
    [ B A S I C ·  I N F O R M A T I O N ]
    Name : Kirsche Cinque
    Age : 18
    Birthday : May 5
    Breed : Mini Rex Rabbit
    Height : 5’6.5” ft
    Weight : 110 lbs
    Profession : Hitman | Spy
    Rank : C-Green
    Card Type & Number : Five of Spades

    [ W E A P O N S ]
    [ Giant Scissors “Cutter” ]
    ✄ Cutter is a set of giant scissors that is capable of cutting almost any material with sheer precision.  The two blades can also be detached and used individually. The weapon's blade is made out of synthetic diamond chips at the cutting edge and nano-fiber covering a composite titanium frame. This makes the weapon weigh just over 8 pounds despite being 1.5 meters long. The weapon has its roots from which it is derived from a hundred years' development of exoskeletons. Advanced servos specifically tuned to Kirsche's muscles enables the weapon (in its scissor mode) to extend or clamp naturally.  Lasers at the scissor joints track the current rotation of both blades and compensates itself to achieve the desired force intended to be delivered, making the weapon capable of cutting almost any material cleanly. This weapon was developed by GiA, the brigade's resident mechanic and engineer, and is only at use on hitman missions.

    [ School Supplies ]
    ✄ Regular school supplies that seem to be deadly in the hands of a skilled hitman. They prove to be very useful since most of it isn’t usually detected as a weapon.

    [ I T E M S ]
    [ Cellphone ]
    ✄ A smartphone that is used to contact his parents back in Italy and his classmates in school. It seems to have many games and drawing apps in it.

    [ Beanie with Pin ]
    ✄ A hat he uses to hide his ears. It was given to him by someone who seems to be fond of pandas.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

[ Amiable | Empathetic | Passive | Plainspoken | Furtive | Astute | Delusory ]

Kirsche is very caring and understanding towards others; though, too caring that he tends to often forget his own well-being. He tries his best to understand others and is able to despite seeming passive. In truth, he just stays quiet because he finds it difficult to speak when it came to trivial matters. Although, he is normally talkative when drawn into a conversation with someone, often saying things frankly when giving out his opinion (he really means nothing ill if ever he offends someone). Despite being very kind, if his job as a hitman of the brigade is at risk, he will put his own feelings aside to accomplish his objectives… including taking the lives of others.

Kirsche was once a very carefree and naïve boy, not because he lacked intelligence but because he refused to accept that ‘bad things’ happen. He changed after being in the brigade for two years. His childlike nature, which includes his habits of speaking in 3rd person, has been reduced to nothing but a façade. He doesn’t want the people he cares about to notice the change in him and worry, so he’ll always try smiling for them. Having lost so many friends along the way, either because they left and abandoned him or simply disappearing one day, he had grown to cherish them more in fear of losing them someday. Thus, he chooses to avoid creating such bonds with strangers because, for him, the fear of losing them weighs more than the chance of becoming friends.

    [ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
    + Sweets (especially cakes)
    + Cherries
    + Warm things
    + Family
    + Friends
    + Company
    + Learning
    + Drawing
    + Training

    - Bitter things
    - Loneliness
    - Unfinished homework

▌ B I O G R A P H Y

❝You cannot protect yourself from sadness…
…without protecting yourself from happiness.❞

– Jonathan Safran Foer
[ S O M M A R I O ]

Kirsche was born in Southern Europe away from the populated cities so that he could live peacefully, constantly changing homes before finally settling in Italy for many years. His parents were former BJBB members who eventually decided their son should join its ranks just as they did. With the help of an old friend, they sent their son to Pearson City through one of Volkov’s luxury cruise ships. From there, Kirsche persevered as a hitman-in-training within the brigade. After two years, he finally became an accomplished assassin of BJBB.

[ F A N C I U L L E Z Z A ]

In the far south of Europe, a baby’s cry was heard from inside a very humble home in the countryside. A baby boy was born; and because of the mother’s fondness with cherries, she named him “Kirsche”. Kirsche grew up with very loving parents who provided everything that he wanted and made sure to give him the care and attention he needed. He was happy throughout the years and though he loved them back wholeheartedly, he never understood why he was different from them. They neither had furry, long ears nor a fluffy tail like he does; even the people in their neighborhood didn’t have them. He couldn’t help but think that the white stork made a mistake of delivering him to mismatched parents. To stop the boy from pondering too much, he was assured by his mother that very difference is what makes him special, and also that the white stork didn’t make a mistake because they love him the moment they had him. Even though the boy was happy with the things said, somehow he couldn’t be put at ease. Despite being told his ears and tail make him special, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was asked to never show these to others.

When Kirsche was old enough to play outside, he met children who became his friends and playmates. Eventually, these children found out about his secret and loved him even more because of it. They thought it was cool and adorable since it complimented the boy’s features; they thought his ears looked like angel wings especially when he flaps them. Kirsche became happier, though his time with his friends abruptly ended one day when his parents told him they were moving somewhere far. He wasn’t told why but he obediently packed his things and left with them. As he looked through the window of the bus they took to leave the small village, he could faintly see his old home on top of the hill… and it was burning. He didn’t know why but he felt his chest hurt upon seeing it. It’s as though his precious memories of this place burned along with it.

Years passed by and Kirsche's life was peaceful and happy despite occasionally moving homes. But upon living in Italy, his parents were more strict in keeping his secret and this allowed them to stay in Italy for the longest amount of time. He lived like a normal child, going to school, making new friends, and attending kid’s birthday parties. It was always that way until he reached the age of twelve when his parents began to teach him how to fight and defend himself. They were just the basics though the boy had a difficult time when handling certain weaponry; strangely enough, he seemed to have an uncanny ability to utilize school materials as weapons better.

On his 15th birthday, Kirsche was gifted very special looking school supplies, his first phone… and a ticket headed to ‘Pearsons City’. The boy was confused because there was only one ticket and neither parents had one at hand. He was told that he will be moving out without them. Of course, the boy questioned why they couldn’t go together as they have always did.

“Mama and papa couldn’t come with you this time, my figlio. Remember what I said about you being special? We used to be special too until something bad happened to mama and papa… Please understand,” his mother coaxed as she gave her usual gentle petting.

“You’re a big boy now, Kirsche. Just remember everything that we have taught you. We know you’ll be able to take care of yourself,” his father said.

Kirsche couldn’t understand the expressions they had on their faces; even if they were smiling, they seemed sad and worried. The boy could only give a reassuring smile that he understood. The next day, he left with his luggage and exchanged farewells with his parents.

“Ti amo… mama, papa.”

[ B R I G A T A ]

With the help of a friend of his parents’, Kirsche took a luxury cruise ship that had the name ‘Volkov’ on it. During the three-day long trip across the ocean, the only company he had besides the many strangers who were ‘special’ too was the messages and calls his parents send to him. One of the important instructions he was told was to look for an organization his parents used to work for, it was called ‘Black Jack’s Bunny Brigade’. Though he doesn’t see their faces, it felt as though he was still talking to them like he always does. This was the only solace he had for being alone for the first time.

Upon arrival, the boy couldn’t help but be lost in the urban jungle called Pearsons. This place was really different compared to the countryside he grew up with. As he searched for the brigade with the help of his mother’s instructions through phone, he was eventually able to find it on the isolated portion of the island. His mother apologized for the delay in relaying information, mentioning she hadn’t hacked and been to the brigade for many years. Though, she was glad that he made it there safely. After being registered as a member of the brigade, Kirsche then met up with his two new instructors his parents had arranged for him so that he could continue his training. He later realized that the training he was given all those years was to prepare him to become a hitman just like his parents.

Weeks passed and the boy resided in the brigade as a hitman-in-training. Though entirely equipped differently from the social norms he was familiar with, some rabbits became his friends and the boy was overjoyed with that. He no longer had to keep his ears and tail a secret; he felt free. Eventually, he grew fond of one of his instructors named Eight. Kirsche always thought it was a strange name but he couldn’t be one to comment since his family name literally translated as ‘five’. Eight was really different from his parents; he gets really grumpy and easily frustrated with him, he was strict with his diet and stopped him from eating cake all the time, and he always brought him to different and usually scary places. Even though Eight was like that, Kirsche learned to cherish him as a ‘padrone’ because he always kept him company and had been a big brother figure to him all those times. To him, it was as if he had a second family especially when Mei, Aster, Felix, Lea, and Euca were added onto the list of important friends. He was happy and he continued training under the tutelage of his instructors for over a year, until they both disappeared one day.

Kirsche was neither angry nor disappointed his training ended; rather, he was disheartened with a parting without farewells. Instead of getting upset, he simply tried to understand they had done it for personal reasons, for their own betterment. It was alright for him as long as it would make them happy; though he couldn’t deny the feeling of abandonment. Such grievance was especially felt with Eight, who, he had thought mattered more than a mere teacher. He was practically the closest to family in this foreign and godforsaken place. The bitterness and loneliness got to him especially when the other brigadiers he befriended disappeared as well; as for the remaining ones, they simply no longer had time for him like before. And before he realized it, he changed.

Worried for their son, Kirsche’s parents had him enrolled into a prestigious high school in Pearson City so that the boy could continue his studies… and possibly live like a normal boy if he wished it. Again, the condition was to once again keep his ears and tail a secret since he will be among humans again. Enrolling the boy was to keep his mind on other things, a distraction. This was made possible with the forging of documents with the help of certain connections. Though to the parents’ surprise, the boy still wanted to press on and become an official hitman. They were happy with the news, but at the same time reluctant as they do not know if this contracted, cruel fate was meant for him.

They eventually sought help from a veteran member of the brigade, an old friend named Euca, who became Kirsche’s new instructor upon accepting. The boy had no qualms with the decision laid out for him especially since Euca had been like a mother to him… something which he had greatly needed at the time. The boy eventually adjusted entirely to his new lifestyle; juggling school in the morning, a good lunch and walk with Mei in the afternoon, and homework or training with Euca at night. His outings and training with Euca were really different; initially from inanimate targets to living things in the latter. Kirsche found hurting others cruel even if they don’t finish them off; accepting such methods took time. Then he thought if he couldn’t even inflict mere hurt, how could he become a true hitman? When their targets have progressed to humans, everything became different. When things went too far, he had no choice but to take someone’s life that one night.

“If Kirsche hadn’t, Miss Euca would’ve…”

It was the first time the boy killed a human. The sensation of having been stained with someone’s blood was too much guilt for him to bear. The boy cried.

Days passed and the boy accepted what he had become, a hitman. Though he had already taken the lives of many others after, the morbid impression of the first never left him. He knew this was bound to happen the moment he had trekked the path of a hitman, a murderer, though he couldn’t shake the guilt eating at him. Bitter was he when he remembered who should’ve been with him, consoled him, and told him everything will be alright. Eight. Though Euca was an important person to him, still, she wasn’t his padrone.

The boy always wore a smile and no tear was shed since then. He continued with his life as a student by day, a hitman by nightfall.

He was happy…?

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ T R I V I A ]
  • Kirsche has an Italian accent though it is not very noticeable because he's soft-spoken, especially since his scarf muffles his voice.
  • When he is happy, his ears flap up and down like wings.
  • He always has rosy cheeks because of his complexion.
  • He tends to talk in third person and rarely refers to himself as “I”.
  • He always brings back cake or creampuffs to share.

[ R E L A T I O N S ]
  • Eight : “Padrone”. He was one of Kirsche’s instructors. As much as Kirsche would want him to return to the brigade, he will not force him but simply welcome him back when he does.
  • Reizo : “Maestro”. He was one of Kirsche’s instructors who most likely left the brigade with his lover to start a family. Kirsche simply hopes for their happiness.
  • Mei : “Sorellina”. A cherished friend and closest to family, also the spark plug to loving creampuffs. Kirsche and Mei often walk home together after school.
  • Felix : “Mutandine Ladro”. One of the first friends in the brigade who has a strange obsession with girl’s underwear. Kirsche and Felix are roomates.
  • Euca : “Mommy”, as what she asked him to call her. Kirsche’s current instructor who’s really like a mom to him.
  • Aster : One of the people who takes care of him in the brigade. Kirsche loves the cakes he makes.
  • Sven : A triangle-loving rabbit who teaches and helps Kirsche in his homework.
  • Diesel : Though he was the first to teach the meaning of “dying” rather harshly, he became an important person to Kirsche. He was like family along with Dew and their children. Kirsche hopes they are doing fine.
  • Gage : A very foul-mouthed rabbit who he bumps into very often in the brigade prior to disappearing; though upon returning, he seemed to have become so dejected. Kirsche worries and tends to him on his spare time so that he'll recover quickly.
  • GiA : He's a strange bunny who seems hungry all the time. Kirsche feels he has to buy more cake for him after school and he's thankful to receive “Cutter” from him.
  • Lea : A very tall rabbit who sometimes takes care of him. Kirsche feels he could relate to him the most for some strange reason.

Thank you HamCrumbs for helping me write the description of his giant ass scissors and Kanlamari for watching me suffer draw and write this app and read my shit.

EDIT 11/12/13 : Old App. Finally revamped this underappreciated baby of mine after so, so long. Am so sorry baby. :iconlazepoolplz:
And kindly forgive any wrong usage of Italian because I shamelessly used google translate//WEEPS. Any correction would be appreciated.
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So maybe some bunny from BJBB is informed about this and is tasked to go there to shut down the arena and rescue the remaining bunnies, which is why I wanted to borrow one or two of your OCs, since this does seem to be a mission for the higher-rankers :iconmingtearsplz: That's what I was thinking ahhh sorry this was really long :iconpapcryplz:

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You can use Aster in your character's biography, especially since he dislikes dogfights/bunfights. Kindly show me your biography so I can look over it. o/
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