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BJBB: Sven [Trump] by hen-tie BJBB: Sven [Trump] by hen-tie
“Did you think that leaving Pearson was impossible once you’re not human?

“You are wrong. You may not know it but all along…”

❝I have with me the ticket to your freedom.❞


▌ P R O F I L E

" C r a n b e r r y "
    [ B A S I C · I N F O R M A T I O N ]
    Name : Sven Mikhailov
    Age : 21 
    Birthday : August 26
    Breed : Mini Lop Rabbit
    Height : 5'9" ft
    Weight : 113 lbs
    Rank : Trump
    Card of Choice : Seven of Diamonds
    Profession : Information Broker | Logistics Manager
    Main Occupation : International Smuggler
    • Outside of BJBB, he is a Sovietnik (Counselor) of a Bratva (Russian Mafia) named Volkov. He also happens to be the only elite member who is a rabbit. Volkov is a powerful organization that has a sea transport enterprise on an international level but being the only shipping line present in Pearson City, the present government usually tolerates their antics. Their main businesses are luxury cruising and freight transport. Many of their sub rosa services include the smuggling of weapons, humans, and rabbits. They happen to control a large quantity of commodities in the black market, strongly influencing a huge sector of the “underworld”. Ever since they affiliated with BJBB, they happen to provide many of the brigade’s weaponry. This allows Sven to manage both the Bratva’s and the Brigade’s resources.

    [ A T T R I B U T E ]
    [ Bionic Eyes ]
    ◇ The eyes are directly connected to the user’s brain (through advance neurosurgery), providing enhanced vision that far surpasses that of a living being. Sven gained the ability to scan thoroughly any object and person, giving precise statistical information on physical characteristics. Aided by a chip planted into his brain he is able to access several mainframes (to a certain degree), and can also identify item models and manufacturing details (especially weapons) as well as people’s identities with the conditions that the said information exists and registered. He is also usually assisted (mostly by hackers) to access certain hard-to-breach mainframes. He could also remotely connect to CCTV cameras with the same conditions mentioned. As usage of the higher functions of his augmented eyes is highly taxing on the brain, Sven requires large amounts of rest in order to avoid any deathly repercussions. Other limitations is the maximum range for clear input of sight is under a kilometer (further ranges needed for sniping assignments require the use of a satellite for tracking and large-scale scanning). Even though both the eyes and the chip are EMP protected, the eyes are prone to damage from direct electrical attacks that could cause dire consequences to the user.

    [ W E A P O N S ]
    [ Large-Caliber Lapin Anti-Materiel Rifle "KSVL" ]
    ◇ A powerful low recoil large-caliber rifle that can penetrate almost any metal armor within the range of three kilometers. Even though it can be used against people (and blast them into a bloody mess), it is more effective to be used against vehicles and buildings to fully utilize its strength. Though considered to be passé, it is still very destructive and effective in the hands of a skilled marksman.

    [ EMP and Electric Grenades]
    ◇ Both types appear as amber-colored marbles that can stick to almost any surface if desired by the user. EMP grenades are the type of explosives that only emits an electromagnetic pulse that terminates the circuitry of anything that runs on electricity without damaging the outer surface of the machine or harming any nearby people and animals. While electric grenades are explosives that emit a potentially fatal voltage of one million, calibrated to either generate 200 mA or 12 amps to either destroy certain materials or temporarily stun living beings.

    [ I T E M S ]
    [ Gloves ]
    ◇ His gloves control the detonation and movements of the marble-like grenades, whether if these would stick to a surface or keep on rolling to its destination.

    [ Wolf’s Fang "клык волка" ]
    ◇ A large blue diamond. It is the symbol of honor and respect of Volkov that is usually passed onto the Pakhan (boss); it was given to him by the current Pakhan. Despite it being a priceless heirloom, he sometimes uses it to simply cut glass.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

[ Altruistic | Amiable | Cautious | Courteous | Impartial | Loyal | Organized | Perceptive ]

Sven is a very kind person, having a complaisant disposition. He has genuine concern for others regardless of the relationship, professional or personal. Unlike most rabbits, he doesn’t hesitate to extend his kindness to humans as well.

As a high ranking member of two mafia organizations, he is accustomed to the bloodstained nature of his work; although, he doesn’t like harming others, much less take lives. It isn’t because he is afraid of killing; he treasures life other than his own. If given a choice, he’d want to spare as many lives as possible. If sacrifices must be made, he will always do what is best for the majority no matter the cost and will bear the gravity of his decisions. Though fully aware he shouldn’t let intimate feelings get the better of his judgment; this, however, may change if people who have significant meaning in his life are involved. Despite having such a benign nature, he doesn’t have many others to call a close friend. He wears a manipulative and confident façade on official business; he speaks smoothly since he takes advantage of his ability to see through the lies and pretenses of others. Growing up with an “extralegal” lifestyle had made him more perceptive of people’s darker natures that made it hard for him to fully trust others. He grew up believing “there is no room for attachment in business”.

His almost-all-seeing eyes don’t help improve his severe case of apprehension (that’s close to paranoia) either. Though it grants him immeasurable knowledge, in truth, he is unsure and fearful of everything. Although, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t still give others a chance to earn his trust. Once he deems someone trustworthy, he will show his true, timid self and offer resolute fealty since betrayal is something he couldn’t bear committing. His firm loyalty is deeply rooted from being part of a Bratva, which means brotherhood.

    [ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]

    + No. 7
    + Volkov
    + Hot baths
    + Coats & hats
    + Drinking wine
    + Vintage things
    + Instant noodles
    + Equilateral triangles
    + Learning new things
    + Seven-legged spiders
    + Triangle-shaped gummies

    - Inappropriate behavior
    - Cold temperatures
    - Headaches
    - Disorders
    - Fights
    - Fire

▌ B I O G R A P H Y

❝Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory.❞

— Lewis B. Smedes

[ S U M M A R Y ]

Sven, who was known before as Whitley, grew up with his father who was only a meager factory worker. Eventually after eight years of surviving, the factory shuts down because of a mysterious fire “accident”. The company who owned that factory had to let go of many of their workers including Whitley's father. Having not paid their apartment rent for months, they got kicked out and became homeless. Hearing about a rumor that there was actually a way to leave Pearson city, they sought the means of escape which brought them to a port that was said to be managed by a powerful mafia named “Volkov”, who happened to own the only sea transport establishment in the city. When they were about to board one of the ships in exchange of becoming slaves, the port was attacked. In the chaos, Whitley ended up almost dying and ultimately separated from his father.

He was somehow saved and soon woke up in the home of Ivan Mikhailov, the boss of Volkov who happened to adopt him on a whim. He was able to recover from his severe burns but lost his sight; it took time for him to get accustomed to being blind and being called by his new given name, Sven. He eventually grew to love Ivan as a father and be loved back as a son. Wanting Sven to see again, the old man sought help from a friend, Volkov’s contracted surgeon, who proposed an entirely different operation than the eye transplants the old man requested. He wanted bionic eyes. With that technology, it would be like having a personal living computer. The old man stayed hesitant with the proposal because he couldn’t see his son as a tool. When he decided to talk to Sven about it, he first explained the dangers of the operation to subtly dissuade the boy from going through with it. The answer he received was unexpected; the boy agreed without fear or hesitation because he wanted to return the gratitude for making him part of a family again. The operation was successful.

Sven soon became officially part of Volkov as a counselor. Operations went on smoothly until two rabbits suddenly came and asked him to join an organization called BJBB. Despite the offer of protection for him and the aide that BJBB would provide in exchange, the stubborn old man refused to allow it. Before leaving, they warned them that an unknown group would soon attack them... in which the old man simply dismissed as some joke. But just as predicted, Volkov was under attack a few days after. Fortunately, Sven managed to survive the assault but Volkov as an entirety suffered severe losses. Under the old man’s instruction, Sven had no choice but to obediently follow the order to reside and help BJBB in any way he could just as Volkov would competently ally with them.

Almost a year passed and he became the Trump of Diamonds after helping in the reform of the brigade’s system.

❝The brain never forgets.

“Memories are just like files of information stored inside our heads, recorded and intact, but you might not always have access to it. And whenever we couldn’t access that information we need, we fool ourselves into believing we simply forgot even if that file is still there. However, there are things I choose to leave hidden deep in my mind… because it is unnecessary to remember.”

C H A P T E R  1 :  p o l y a n a

[ A · P R I O R I ]

Just like most rabbits trapped within the condemned city, Sven wasn’t spared from unhappy beginnings. He wasn’t “Sven” before but rather a small timid white rabbit by the name “Whitley”. He grew up only with a father, not knowing what happened to his mom as he was only told that she disappeared shortly after he was born. The boy’s father was only a meager factory worker who, despite working overtime, only received much less than a human’s minimum wage; it was barely enough to pay for their rents and necessities. The man barely had time for himself… much less for his own kid as they only see each other whenever he came home late to their decrepit apartment. With no one else to look after him, Whitley only had his father to rely on. Even as a child, he could tell that he was seen as a burden more than a son. It wasn’t that hard to read an adult’s face especially when money is mentioned but… there was an expression his father always gave, which he didn’t understand whenever he looked at him. It seemed sad and yet it felt as though that was why his father couldn’t bring himself to abandon him. Even though the man seemed indifferent towards him, the very fact he didn’t abandon him was enough of a reason for him to love him as a father. For eight years they persevered, each day had always been a struggle for them both.

When reality couldn’t get any harsher, the factory the father worked for shut down because of a mysterious fire “accident”. The company who owned the factory had to let go of many of their workers, especially the rabbits. Being naturally sickly and feeble, the man was rejected so many times when he sought out jobs. Having not paid their apartment rent for months, they got kicked out and became homeless. Surviving out at the streets became their only option; desperation came at its peak when they grew hungrier each passing day.

They couldn’t live this way. They couldn’t live in this city anymore. And the man knew that very well.

[ H E G I R A ]

Hearing about a rumor that there’s a way to escape the accursed city, the man sets out to see if it was true. Together with his son, he searched and inquired of this means to freedom that was believed by most to be impossible. His search had brought them to a port that was said to be in the possession of a powerful mafia named “Volkov”. Volkov… That name played a familiar ring to the man’s ears. It was a name that belonged to the only sea transport establishment known in the city. It couldn’t just be a coincidence…

As they got close to the docks, they saw several large freights that actually had rabbits inside them; it seemed as if they came in time that a ship was about to set sail to another country. The sight was overwhelming for the man as he just witnessed their way out of the city. Although it may seem like an impossible wish was granted, the fare for boarding was exorbitant. The price for freedom was paid with their own sweat and blood. Despite it seeming as though he had struck a deal with the devil, the man reluctantly agreed with the terms Volkov provided. Extreme anxiety came with his half-hearted “yes” but he felt at ease when he saw Whitley give a nod to reassure him it was alright. Even if they both became slaves, what mattered was they were together. After all, it seems much better to gamble on the hopes of a lesser hell rather than continue living the nightmare they were already in.

Just as they were about to board, a large explosion rocked the port. One of the cargo ships docked nearby was set ablaze as it slowly began to sink. Panic and chaos ensued; the rabbits scattered as “visitors” greeted all of them with firearms. It seems another group full of humans came in for a fray. It was a surprise that even Volkov didn’t expect; more so to the rabbits who thought that day was their salvation from this city. Gunshots, explosions, and screams resounded everywhere and the air was filled with smoke and the overwhelming scent of gunpowder, gasoline, and blood. These unknown humans gunned down any Volkov member and rabbit in sight. It was too late to take shelter inside the massive boat since the entrance was sealed tight, the ship setting for an untimely leave. The father and son were left to run for their lives.

Whitley helplessly clung to his father’s firm hand as they ran. He just followed wherever he was taken, trying to match the wide strides with his own smaller ones. It was hard to see, his eyes tearing up from the smoke, and his sense of smell dulled from the overpowering scent of acrid smoke in the air. He was afraid more than anything especially after seeing the fear in his father’s face. Suddenly, a lit Molotov cocktail bottle was thrown their way. Despite knowing it could harm him, Whitley didn’t care. All that mattered was protecting his father. In those split seconds before impact, he lets go of his father’s hand and jumped forward in front of him. The next thing he knew, he was on fire. Searing heat enveloped his body, robbing him of breath and sight as he thrashed around screaming, pleading for death to take him then. It hurt. It hurt so much, but the hurt in the world couldn’t compare to the look of complete and utter despair in his father’s eyes as he watched his own son die before him, helpless. That was the last time he ever saw him… and that was then he realized it hurts more to part from his father this way. The boy lost his footing on the docks and fell into the sea. Blinded by grief and anger, the father recklessly charged for the one who threw that explosive towards them.

Several gunshots sounded.

[ N I H I L I T Y ]

The commotion finally died down when Volkov reinforcements had the situation dealt with. They scouted for survivors and any other goods to salvage. They barely found anyone alive and some parts of the port were reduced to nothing but smoldering wreckage. Looking at the damages dealt, it seemed as though even if they have not lost the fight… they had a lot to lose. As they continued to search, one of the men spotted a figure lying by the rocky shore. As he got closer, he realized it was a body. Wanting to make sure it wasn’t a corpse, he made sure to check and it turned out to be a young rabbit boy who was barely alive. Seeing how grave his injuries were, he hurried to have him treated immediately. And luckily, the boy managed to survive although… there were things that couldn’t be saved.

The boy stayed unconscious for several days in a treatment center. Since it was managed by Volkov, the very few other survivors were also sent to this same facility. Wanting to check the extent of the damages for himself, Volkov’s Pakhan (boss) personally came to visit the destroyed port and soon went to the hospital to visit his injured men and damaged “goods”. He found himself stopping in front of one of the beds and saw the recovering rabbit boy. Assessing the boy’s injuries with just a single look, he knew he was beyond full recovery. This particular rabbit wouldn’t sell at all and would reflect badly on their services. After all, they had a reputation to hold and the incident shouldn’t excuse them for imperfection. It was either to dispose of him or…

Suddenly, he ordered his head Avtorityet (captain) to have the boy sent to his mansion and to watch over him. The Avtorityet was surprised but he didn’t wish to question why and simply did what he was ordered. No one really knew the reason behind the decision but one could only guess… it was a whim of a childless and lonely old man.

A few days later, Whitley finally regained consciousness and realized he couldn’t see anymore. Before he began to panic, a man’s voice sounded as he suddenly explained the boy’s situation. He had survived severe burns and recovered quite quickly for the past few weeks… but his eyes were too damaged that they had no choice but to have them removed. He was now officially adopted by a man named Ivan Mikhailov, the boss of Volkov, and that he was given the name “Sven”. The place he was in is now his new home. The young boy was shocked and perturbed by the news thrown to him. First, he thought he died. Second, he lost his ability to see. And lastly and foremost, he was adopted?! What happened to his father? He frantically questioned the man of the whereabouts of his father. The man could only answer that they did search for his parents so that they could legally adopt him, but to no avail there were no leads since not a single document such as his birth certificate exists and no one ever claimed custody over him. The man then simply advised the boy to forget whatever his life was before and accept what had happened. With that advice in mind, the boy was torn between the choice of moving on with this new life or simply denying everything from even happening. Although deep inside, he felt that even if he didn’t die… Whitley did burn along with the last of his father’s memory…

C H A P T E R  2 :  v o l k

[ M E T E M P S Y C H O S I S ]

Sven. It was a name that held no meaning to the ten-year-old boy, but he accepted that was how he was called in the household filled with servants and members of the mafia. He was never alone since he was being cared for and assisted by the servants attending to him. Although these people were making sure to make him comfortable as their utmost priority, he couldn’t be contented for some reason. When he was more able, Sven tried walking around and adapt to the permanent darkness. Being unable to see the light even if it was there; his sense of smell, hearing, and touch was all he could rely on. He couldn’t help but find furniture and stairs an unfriendly companion most of the time since there was almost never a time he’s unscathed by the end of the day. Over time, he got used to moving around on his own and the sound of his own name. But… there were still things that he couldn’t get used to. Loneliness. Even if there was always someone close by, he never felt more alone than ever.

Despite everything, these feelings of loneliness sometimes subsided. There were rare occasions that Sven was with the old man whenever they come across each other in the living room and dining table. Even if they don’t speak much, no matter how brief, they appreciated each other’s presence.

Sometimes being blind wasn’t all that bad since the blind could “see” what most people don’t. The Pakhan was believed by many of those who know him to be a merciless, greedy and senile old man. However, Sven saw something else and didn’t fear him just like the others. Whenever the old man would find himself contemplating with the small remainder of his life, the boy would somehow make him feel at ease. Until Sven, he had never met such a child that didn’t whine in his presence and would be easily happy with the simplest of things such as gummy candy. And seeing the boy’s pleased expression brings joy to the old man’s heart. It was as if he was experiencing the things that could have been if he chose to have a family back then.

The large house finally felt like home; every passing day was peaceful until…

[ B O S S ]

One day, not knowing whether it was daylight or nightfall, the boy only knew the door to his room was left unlocked by his caretaker since the sound of the door was different. An intense, foreign scent seethed into the room when he opened the door, making the boy rather uncomfortable… and curious. It was probably a very pungent perfume that belonged to someone; someone he didn’t know. With his nose as his guide, he looked for the source but only ended up lost after fashionably descending down a flight of stairs. He needed help getting back to his room.

Suddenly that same night, a loud thump sounded from the balcony outside his bedroom; it frightened the young boy and caused him to jump out of bed. With the thought of calling his caretaker, he scrambled for the phone until a threatening voice sounded and asked him to open the glass door of his room. Though afraid, he did what he was told after stumbling on flat ground several times. Again, the same pungent perfume reeked once he slid the door open; though it was much more intense this time especially when he crashed face first onto the person’s chest. After being shouted at for falling on him, the boy broke into tears which intensified to crying when the stranger curiously poked at the rabbit ears upon noticing. The stranger merely scratched the back of his head as he sighs, soon carrying the boy back to his bed when he realized he was blind. After sobbing for quite a while and being told how crying wasn’t befitting for a mafioso, Sven asked who the stranger was.

“Call me boss.”

Though for a while gullibly calling him “Boss” especially when threatened to, he learned of his name, Ilya. He was a teen eight years older and happened to be Ivan’s nephew who was sent to Pearson by his parents… due to his rather “rebellious” behavior back in Russia. Though unwilling at first, he always kept an eye on Sven to prevent him from hitting doors or furniture, and also making his own body a sled down the winding staircases. When he learned of Sven’s real name, he called him “Whit” ever since. After Ilya’s college classes would end, the two would sneak out of the house to wander around. Ilya would describe the places they went to as he carried the boy over his shoulders. Their exploits went on for over two years; eventually, Ivan learned of their friendship and even some of their misadventures. Though averse to allow it, he dismissed it especially after seeing the improvement in Ilya’s personality.

[ O C U L U S ]

“Sven, does the coat and tie look good?” The old man asked as he faced the young boy. “Uhmmm… I think anything looks good on you, papa,” the boy responded as he smiled. As Ivan was preparing for a party, it slipped his mind that the boy was blind. At that moment, he wanted his son to see again.

The old man sought help from a friend, Volkov’s contracted surgeon, who often jokes about being the “family doctor”. Even though Dr. Mtislav Arseniy is considered a good doctor, there were rumors he had a habit of being “mad”. Because the dear Pakhan decided to confide in him, he proposed an entirely different operation than the eye transplants the old man requested. Human eyes. Rabbit eyes. Biological organs. These were things that provide no challenge and excitement for the doctor so he proposed bionic eyes. Machines didn’t have the flaws of human beings. Seeing the deterred look of the old man, the good doctor coaxed even more. With that technology, it would be like having a personal living computer that can collect the entirety of people’s information with a single look without them knowing. An advantageous asset to own. The old man stayed hesitant with the proposal because he couldn’t see his son as a mere asset, a tool. Little did he know Sven could hear them from outside the room. When the old man finally decided to talk to the boy about it, he first explained the dangers of the operation, and all its draw backs to subtly dissuade the boy he had come to love as his own son from going through with the operation. The answer he received was unexpected.

“Alright, papa.”

The words neither sounded hesitant nor afraid as the boy looked up to the old man while wearing a reassuring smile. He wanted to be useful to him and he didn’t care about the consequences. All that mattered was he wanted to return the gratitude for making him part of a family again.

A day before the operation, he was confronted by Ilya as he, too, didn’t want him to push through with what the doctor wanted for fear of the worst possible scenario, death. Sven was indeed afraid but he only had one wish in mind.

“But I want to see what boss and papa look like.”

Ilya couldn’t find the heart to discourage the boy any further. He simply accompanied the boy and talked with him throughout the entire night; he made promises of showing the entire city this time. Sven couldn’t help but be excited as he joked how Ilya won’t need to lose breath explaining everything this time. Just before he was fetched by the doctor, the boy promised Ilya he wouldn’t cry even if it hurts.

With that, the operation proceeded and it was successful. It took several weeks for Sven to recuperate. It was terribly painful to open his eyes for the first time in years that he had to close them immediately. He received not only sight, but also troves and troves of information that appeared as incomprehensible letters and numbers. The sheer amount gave him a terrible headache and brought tears to his eyes. Tears not of pain, but from the relief that he could finally see again, could finally know the face of his “Boss” and new father.

“I’m sorry… I broke my promise…” the boy said between sobs. The older boy responded with a warm hug and said, “Welcome back, Whit.”

It took quite some time before he could adjust to these eyes, tap into mainframes, and bear the headaches it gave him. The good doctor guided him throughout and taught him how to use these. Therapies were something the doctor thought was a waste of time so he could only prescribe the boy strong aspirins or even alcohol to temporarily alleviate the headaches the eyes have caused. Ultimately, the doctor only cared about the results of what he believed to be a medical and technological breakthrough.

C H A P T E R  3 :  d o b y c h a

[ I N D U C T I O ]

At the age of 16, Sven officially became part of the Volkov Bratva. He became the Sovietnik (counselor), not because of Ivan’s recommendation but how he showed considerable potential to be groomed into the most trusted aide of the Pakhan. Ilya on the other hand became an esteemed Boyevik (soldier), and eventually given the role of Byki (bodyguard) to protect the Sovietnik. With the guidance and training of the previous Sovietnik, who retired due to old age, Sven was able to gain the trust and respect of the entire Bratva. While supervising the Volkov shipping, he carefully strategized their criminal activities. Their commodities increased while casualties significantly lessened since his inauguration; Volkov thrived.

As a Sovietnik, Sven had to wear a mask of confidence and authority especially with every big decision he made, having the best interests for Volkov in mind. He was no longer the yielding crybaby he used to be. When he thought his life finally merited worth, his sole worry was to conceal his existence as a rabbit beneath his revered façade. Only the inner circle and a few selected servants know of what he truly was; the only shield he had from being exposed by outsiders was his hat. Because he was so often around the presence of humans, he sometimes forgets he isn’t one. There are rare occurrences that there would be another rabbit among their ranks but most of them were Shestyorkas (associates), the lowest ranked members and the errand boys of the Bratva. Many come and go since very few could endure the life of the "underworld"; but he never treated them any lesser as a person since he would sometimes talk to them casually.

For three more years, operations came smoothly and effectively until… a particular rabbit pair came to seek his services. A woman, who introduced herself as Kyuu, requested for two first-class tickets to Japan to see the beautiful beach of Mizushima. Just as he was about to personally arrange their trip; unexpectedly, she changed the subject to inquiring if he would want to be part of their mafia called Black Jack’s Bunny Brigade. He knew what that organization was and its reputation for its exclusive members; it was “a haven for rabbits”. He was surprised how an outsider knew he was a rabbit as well. But when he turned to look at the masked rabbit who accompanied her, he found his answer. He remembered he once spoke to the masked individual who inquired about Volkov's services some weeks ago; little did he know he was actually collecting other information from them too, his identity. Subtly he declined the offer, explaining how his loyalty solely belongs to Volkov. Although the woman asserted that he should reconsider since he, and every other rabbit out there, are in danger. There is a new threat to their race; an unknown organization with the aim to exterminate rabbits. With that in mind, Sven pondered and decided to have this discussed with the Pakhan.

Despite the offer of protection for Sven and the aide that BJBB would provide for Volkov in return, the stubborn old man refused and asked the woman and her companion to leave. Before leaving, Kyuu advised them to stay alert because the threat, their enemy, might just be outside their doorstep. The old man merely dismissed the warning and thought it was foolish for any other organization, big or small, to challenge them. As much as Sven wanted to think the same, he believed her and stayed restless.

A few days came to pass. And just as predicted, Volkov was under attack in the Pakhan’s very own home. Fortunately, Sven managed to survive the assault but Volkov as an entirety suffered severe losses. That was then the old man knew his son was no longer safe under his care alone. Even though he didn’t want to leave the Pakhan’s side, Sven obediently followed his order to reside and help BJBB in any way he could just as Volkov would competently ally with them. When he entered the brigade, it was as if Kyuu had already expected him.

“Let’s hope you prove to be an asset to us as well.”

And with that, Sven became the secretary of Spades.

[ A · P O S T E R I O R I ]

The brigade became his second residence, and he barely returned to Volkov. Though obedient to every order given, he was unwilling, afraid even, during his stay when he found himself in the presence of many, many other rabbits. For being around humans so long, it made him uncomfortable to be with his kind. Although, he was able to cope with his apprehension when he met the other secretaries, other individuals who were both privileged and burdened with their rank. Sven eventually discovered that amongst them was the masked rabbit, Lea, whom he had often worked with ever since. On his first month, he was tasked to reconstruct the brigade’s system, which was already crumbling even before his arrival. Though his new duties weren’t that different from a Sovietnik’s, he received double the responsibilities, worries, and injuries which took a toll on him physically and mentally. It was too much. Despite the consequences, he persevered over the months to rebuild the system, and even the headquarters itself. To be able to shoulder the responsibilities, he was assisted by the brigade’s robotics specialist named GiA. Several weeks after, it seemed as though the brigade was potentially reaching fruition.

Sven thought that he was finally able to handle his arduous workload, until the brigade was suddenly hit by a major attack from an unknown enemy. Even if he was equipped with the knowledge of a thousand computers, he couldn’t determine who they were. He was afraid. Though his job as a secretary was high-paying, the anxiety coupled with the fatalities weren’t worth it since he didn’t even need the money to begin with. What kept him from leaving was his concern for the other rabbits. He knew he was needed especially with the disappearance of many of the brigade’s arbitrators, the Jokers. He couldn’t help but be heavily dismayed that the very person who had placed him here was also gone, or rather, abandoned them.

Almost a year passed ever since becoming part of BJBB, the system finally took shape and was to be prepared for an incoming major project. With the reform, he became a “Trump” along with the surviving secretaries. Despite his workload not getting any lighter, his visits to Volkov became more frequent; Ilya being the most overjoyed even though he attempted to hide his enthusiasm. Sven no longer saw his role merely as a paid job, but a duty for the good cause of his kind. Though he forged alliances and friendships within the brigade, he also inherited its enemies. As affiliated mafias, he made sure to improve the mutual fortification as well as the flow of resources between them. Though life in the brigade went on peacefully, he was still deeply bothered about the attack on Volkov a year ago. He thought of several motives that could've led to that disaster but none made any sense because of the lack of information. For some reason he felt he was their target, not the Bratva. Sven sought to find out the identity of their attackers since he suspected they were the same people who attacked the brigade several months ago. What are they trying to achieve...?

In a reconnaissance operation, he failed to avoid an unexpected confrontation with one of Volkov’s old enemies, which had almost cost both his life and Ilya’s. He was forced to temporarily give up the investigation. After being put through such a life threatening situation, his health turned for the worst since he pushed through with the brigade’s project even though he had yet to fully recover. The situation forced him to shift suits especially when a new Trump came. The rabbit named Huang took over Spades, which was initially looked over by Sven alone despite being the suit with the most number of members. Sven was then given a leave of absence so that he could recuperate.

With his return, he became the Trump of Diamonds.

❝...forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember.
We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.❞

— Lewis B. Smedes

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ T R I V I A ]
  • He likes going out to a specific candy store that sells triangular gummy candies. He likes sharing it too since he tends to buy a lot.
  • His need for organization is at the brink of being considered OCD especially when it came to cleaning guns.
  • If he’s connected to one or several mainframes for extensive research 24/7, he has to take a minimum of four strong aspirins a day to abate the headache it causes him. On normal days, he takes one. The amount of medication he takes could rival that of a drug addict.
  • Getting nosebleeds isn't uncommon for him. It often happens if he wears himself out without even realizing it.
  • Under all his clothing are several burn scars that faded over time. He doesn’t want anyone to see them.
  • He doesn’t have the enhanced physical characteristics most rabbits have. He cannot scale buildings with mere jumps or carry exceedingly heavy objects using his strength alone. Despite being underweight and having a lanky frame, he could fairly match a healthy human’s strength who shares the same height as he does.
  • He runs really fast (rivaling the speed of an Olympic runner) to make up for his inability in melee combat. It was due to being chased a lot in his childhood.
  • Despite being a know-it-all, he is bad in cooking. He usually resorts to instant food and supplements.
  • Having been in an organization void of female members, he tends to get awkward with girls since he doesn’t exactly know how to socialize with them in a casual manner.
  • Though raised to have a taste for gourmet food, he has a strange liking for instant noodles.
  • He got the ear markings and face tattoos at the age of 17 after getting drunk in a card game with Ilya.
  • He recently lets a portion of his hair to grow long since Ilya threatened asked him to do so, receiving a triangular hairpiece from him. Kaorin, at times, braids his hair for him.

[ R E L A T I O N S ]
    [ Volkov ]
    • Ilya : “Boss”. They knew each other for almost ten years. Though occasionally still teasing and bullying Sven, Ilya became more serious over the years and is very dedicated to his job as Sven’s bodyguard and best friend. Sven considers him to be his family. Reference coming soon from Kan bby.
    • Ox : Notable Shestyorka. Sven somewhat considers him a friend though at times finds him overbearing since he could be reckless and a tad too protective. Lately, their relationship depreciated due to several misunderstandings. One such misunderstanding is how Ox couldn’t understand the contrasting roles between them.
    [ BJBB ]
    • GiA : Reliable young mechanic. GiA was the first rabbit to show kindness within the brigade. Though the boy proved to be a good co-worker, he added to Sven's worries since the older rabbit strongly feels he must watch over him because of his otherworldly clumsiness. It makes him happy to work with him and provide the equipment he needs since Sven loves spoiling others.
    • Lea : Benevolent ripper. Even though Sven still finds him mysterious, he thinks of Lea as a very trustworthy companion because of his prominent skills in combat. He is considerably one of the most rational of the Trumps… as long as he isn’t with someone named Aster.
    • Kaorin : Charming medic. She is a kind yet extremely absent-minded young lady. Sven has a strong need to take care of her since she seems capable of poisoning herself by accident... or even other people. He doesn’t understand why he’s so easily flustered in her presence.
    • Mei : Serious kid. Sven couldn’t help but be occasionally bullied by this mischievous bunny ever since working alongside as fellow Trumps. Despite the treatment, Mei is diligent with his work and Sven deeply appreciates it.
    • Euca : Mother-like figure. It is difficult to read her mind which makes her appear intimidating especially when she smiles sweetly. Sven is actually afraid of her but, at the same time, considers her family since she is very kind and endearing to him.
    • Ma-kun : Stern cleaner and alleged health manager. Ma-kun is a really serious but caring individual. Thanks to Euca, Sven somewhat considers him like a brother. He occasionally visits to check Sven’s welfare... and take his cup noodles away much to the rabbit’s dismay.
    • Kirsche : Devoted student. Sven tutors the boy on his spare time; even go out for lunch or dinner in some restaurant along with Mei.
    • Eli : Self-proclaimed apprentice. Sven finds her difficult to handle yet acknowledges how she can be very dependable at times.  He truly cares about her and would secretly add some extra zeros to her paycheck if Lea was a “little” merciless to strike more than 90% off her salary.

▌ R P · M E T H O D S

LIT · chatroom · notes · google docs · skype
[ H I S T O R Y · I N Q U I R Y ]

If ever any rabbit had their history outside of Pearson City, feel free to use Volkov’s shipping line as their means of transportation. This includes even the first generation rabbits who happen to be their ancestors if ever they were born outside of the city. Remember though, they have to be either really rich to afford the sub rosa luxury cruise for rabbits or have been sold as slaves for freight transport. The latter happening means that your rabbit has been either forced to slavery most likely by an outside organization (since Volkov focuses on transporting people and goods rather than kidnapping, prostitution, illegal recruitment etc.) or by their own free choice in exchange of transportation if they couldn’t afford it.

If ever you wish to personally include Sven in your rabbit’s history and have them meet prior to joining BJBB, kindly let me know through notes and we could briefly discuss it.

Lookie that ridiculous wall of text…

Special thanks to SepticBleach for gun inquiry and content proofreading + suggestions, HamCrumbs for weapon design + info, A-Shiyocchi for the name “Sven” + love, and Kanlamari for her undying wuv. Finally, thank you for those who had the time to view, read this YOU’RE CRAZY IF YOU DID and comment. I really, really appreciate it. (´;д;`)

EDIT 02/09/14 : Old App. Revised + added biography chapters and slightly updated outfit. Not much change or improvement in my opinion//cries. I won't be uploading anything RP-related for a while since I'll be really busy till the school term ends. I have a job now//rolls in laziness. I just had to squeeze this revamp in cos all my bromodachis updated their apps//rolls. I'll try to find the time to reply to comments and RP's ohgad so sorry for making you guys wait//SOBS.
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July wasn't very fond of candies in general, because they usually were heavily sugared and had too many calories, but she still couldn't help but wander into a certain store, following the fruity scent. There she spotted another rabbit, who was buying huge amounts of triangle shaped jelly candies. "Are these good?" July asked, casting a curious look at the boy. 
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