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December 28, 2011
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Clockhearts: Cloize by hen-tie Clockhearts: Cloize by hen-tie

▌ P R O F I L E

    [ B A S I C · I N F O R M A T I O N ]
    Name : Cloize Fois Crisante
    Gender : Male
    Age : 14
    Height : 5'2" ft
    Weight : 90 lbs
    Faction : Spades
    Role : The Young Lord who has Fallen from Grace
    Weapon : Mirrored Shadows — Chained Twin Rapiers

    [ E X P E R T I S E ]
    [ Swordsmanship ]
    ◇ He fights exceptionally well with twin rapiers while possessing a fighting style that is unique among dual wield rapier swordsmen. The chain on both swords enable him to have moves than can also easily bind or choke the enemy rather than just conventional stabs or slashes.

    [ Speed ]
    ◇ He is extremely nimble and agile.

    [ Perception ]
    ◇ He is good in sensing the presence and aura of others.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

[ Courtly | Stolid | Witty | Perceptive | Pensive | Recluse | Hardy | Vengeful | Tolerant | Caring ]

Cloize could be considered a snobby rich kid that one would expect since he has been living on the glamorous side of society all his life. Despite being very youthful in appearance, he has a very serious nature and tries to handle things maturely. He is naturally arrogant and full of pride, though he is strangely not the type to boast. While having a mild temperament, he is quite patient and doesn't allow anger to get the better of him. He believes it is not of his class to lose composure to anyone of lowly upbringing.

Sociability is not his strongest point since he's not a person of many words. He usually replies with few words or through actions. He often feels awkward when around people but he does try his best to make an effort to be polite. If given a choice, he'll stay away from groups and any commotion nearby. For him, company means trouble. He prefers to only take care of his own problems and would most likely reject any assistance offered. If ever due help was (forcefully) given, he will always attempt to return the favor no matter what. Despite not wanting to meddle in someone else's problems, he won't simply dismiss it because he has a sense of justice. He grew up believing it is in the nature of a "lord" to settle trifles in the territory he reigns in. Just as much as he amends every kindness, he also pays back each cruelty... though more generously than the former.

He's ruthless in battle and would fight his all in respect of treating all opponents equally. Once a fight breaks lose, he will not back down easily since he believes his pride as a swordsman's at stake. Although, he never unsheathes his rapiers unless it is established that it's a "duel to the death". He will fight with the iron scabbards on when he is engaged into a spar or a battle he deems unnecessary. Even though the blades are not bared and his swings are much slower, every hit is heavy and painful enough to compensate for the handicap. This practice is rooted from his past; he doesn't want any of his fallen foe's loved ones to suffer the same way he did. He also has a strong conviction to never cheat in battles by the rules he grew up with. This means that he will never resort to dirty tricks even in a desperate situation.

Overall, he is a very kind person even though he doesn't want to admit it.

    [ S T R E N G T H S × W E A K N E S S E S ]
    + He is very knowledgeable because of his penchant for reading and wanting to learn.
    + He is very cautious of his surroundings, making it difficult to catch him off guard.
    + His greatest asset is his speed and accuracy.
    + His sword form consist mostly of improvised moves to compensate for his incomplete training, thus making it difficult for other swordsmen to read his fighting pattern.

    - Despite knowing many things, he is still quite innocent.
    - His tendencies to be suspicious of everything and everyone hampers his social development.
    - He lacks power in his attacks to make fatal blows, forever limited to the strength of a child's.
    - His own form isn't suited for his size and strength cap; his constricting moves prove to be a hindrance when faced with a stronger adversary.

    [ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
    + Practicing swordsmanship
    + Sweets
    + Tea
    + Leif, Eoin, Luther, Alexis, Alan, Elias, Robin, Aislinn, and some other people who are nice to him

    - People talking about what had happened to his family
    - The "authorities" of Wonderland
    - Forcing ideals on him
    - Being called a "child"
    - Being looked down upon (also literally)
    - Lowly people
    - Liquor
    - Dresses (especially corsets)
    - Getting petted (especially his large rabbit ears)
    - Hugs

▌ B I O G R A P H Y

Revenge proves its own executioner.

    — John Ford

There was a small lop-eared rabbit boy named Cloize who was born into a very wealthy family that reigned in the Diamonds Faction. His mother was a beautiful dancer who stopped performing ever since marrying one of the most influential aristocrats who had worked his way up to "nobility". The father was quite famed for being active in the affairs of feudalism, owning many lands within the faction. He provided his family a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, brought up his son with the best of what money could provide. Parties were nothing but mere pastimes to them and whatever their son wished for was always given.

Being the young heir of the Crisante Manor, Cloize was strictly educated by exemplary instructors to mold him into a fitting gentleman after his father. For him, his family and his life were "perfect"... until his father was murdered on his way home one day, leaving a clockheart on the cold stone street. Just like that, Cloize's quiet, mirthful life rippled into discord. He was unsettled what to feel about the news since "death" is not absolute. Should he feel anger, grief, or sadness? He loved his father but the thought of revenge didn't cross his mind; all he surely knew was that his life was no longer perfect.

Desperate to have her husband revived, the woman hastily sought for a repairman to have the clockheart restored. Seeing how badly damaged the clockheart was, the repairman warned her that the man she knew may not be the same once reborn. Still she plead, telling the repairman that she will love her husband no matter what. Cloize simply supported her choice because he, too, wished to have his father back; to have his comfortable and "perfect" life again. The clockheart was indeed restored shortly after. Unfortunately, not all came as planned unlike those fairy tales with their "happily ever after".

A figure of a man walked into the halls of their home once again... yet it was only a "shell" of whom Cloize once called "father". The once loving father and caring husband became a drunkard who frequently throws a fit by killing off his own servants and even beating up his own wife. The woman never fought back since she kept clinging to an illusion that they were still a loving family. She took many, many beatings until her own body gave up on her. Her beautiful face was almost ruined beyond recognition; her body broken and bruised all over. She became close to being crippled permanently, often staying in the confines of her room in contrast to her frivolous party-going nature. As her son, Cloize personally treated every wound she gained day after day especially since she refused anyone else to see her, much less tend to her ruined body. That was only then did he soil his hands with blood. Every passing day just became worse and Cloize could no longer bear watching from the sidelines any further. He decided to challenge this man called "father" to a duel to which the cold-hearted man blissfully accepted.

No one dared to stop them since they feared for their own welfare; all of the servants fled from the manor. Cloize was at a disadvantage, not only from the size and strength differences, but also because it was his own father who taught him how to fight with chained dual rapiers. He was facing his greatest mentor. No matter how much the boy struggled, it looked like a losing fight. But a glint of hope revealed itself when the father's own recklessness and cockiness brought him down to his knees when his own son managed to stab him where his "heart" should be.

"It doesn't matter how many times your clock gets fixed... You are no longer my father."

As the man breathed his last, he once again left behind a broken clockheart. The mother managed to come at the moment the boy destroyed the clock beyond repair. Shocked, she let out a mournful shriek. Rather than tend to her own injured son, she pitifully crawled past him as if he wasn't there and clutched the broken clock tightly. It was only then Cloize felt unfathomable guilt when he realized what he had done. Until that moment, never did he yearn so strongly for his mother's warmth, her hugs and kisses, her gentle and loving words. He fell to his knees by her side and slowly extended his bloodied hand to her. And by his slightest touch, the woman reacted and began hitting him.

"You took him from me... you took everything! How could you?! You are not my son... you are nothing but a monster to me now! I wish you have never been born!"

Those harsh words etched a scar deep inside of him that will never heal; it hurt much more than any of his deep cuts all over his body. Cloize didn't answer back or even retaliate as she continued to hurt him. She eventually grew tired and drew back into a low stoop as she wept. As her tears flowed, her son hugged her for one last time.

"Adieu, maman..."

As if responding to his mother's wish, Cloize left with whatever he could take, only leaving faint traces of his existence in their now desolate home. It was too late when the woman came to her senses. It was as if the only proof that she had a son was the broken clock that she so dearly caressed in her arms.

Thenceforth, the rabbit boy kept travelling since he no longer had a place to call "home". He shied away from people and kept a low profile, and soon developed a thirst for revenge to whoever wanted his father dead back then. And instead of spending whatever time he has in jail for destroying a clockheart, he took residence in the Spades Faction and has been there ever since.

Ça m'est égal...

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ T R I V I A ]
  • Cloize's father is one of those "untitled" aristocrats since he isn't from nobility but rather a citizen who is simply rich in both land and wealth.
  • Even if he abandoned his life as the lord to the Crisante estate, he didn't entirely sever the connections his father made with the other aristocrats. It is through them was he able to still receive money all this time. Not all were willing to support him so "a little" force was used and some blackmailing. It is also through this method could he sniff out his father's murderer; the boy knowing well it was one of them who betrayed their family.
  • Until now, he has trouble taking care of himself despite being independent. Cooking isn't really one of his many skills so he tries to cope by swindling from bad nobles to afford some good food (though painstakingly since it's against his morals). He's extremely picky with what he puts in his mouth.
  • The only reminder he has of his parents are the rapiers, inherited from his father, and matching bracelets from his mother.
  • He doesn't wear the bracelets and he keeps them with him somewhere in his clothes.
  • He can perform basic first aid, having to usually treat himself when he gets hurt.
  • If given the breed of rabbit Cloize is, he is a French Lop. His mother was an English Lop while his father was a Flemish Giant.
  • He has a French accent.
  • He has a strange habit of wearing mismatched socks.

[ I N V E N T O R Y ]
    Clockhearts: Cloize's Backpack by MyOneHen

EDIT: Updated info and app.
Fashion change to school genre. Hahaha... He looks like a delinquent chick... IDEK anymore > >
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