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August 4, 2012
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Milizia: Locke N. Loden by hen-tie Milizia: Locke N. Loden by hen-tie


FULL NAME : Locke Nanquil Loden


CLASS : Freshman

AGE : 20

BIRTHDAY : August 3

HEIGHT : 5'9" ft or 175 cm

WEIGHT : 60 kg or 132 lbs


    STR 1
    AGI 2
    VIT 0
    INT 3
    DEX 3
    DEF 1

  • Family
  • His scarf and pins
  • Cute girls particularly those foreign to him
  • Siesta
  • Beaches
  • Seafood
  • Filipino food (particularly "sinigang", a stew)

  • People noticing he has different colored eyes
  • Wasting food and money
  • Cold climate
  • Snow
  • More snow...

Locke is an overall overly nice guy who has a humble and aloof disposition, able to adapt to different people and environments. Despite his friendly demeanor, he's often mistaken as an anti-social and/or delinquent thanks to his looks upon first impression. He's pretty straightforward and honest with his feelings as well, making it difficult for him to lie. Rather than say anything that would put himself into trouble, he'll stay quiet and keep his thoughts to himself especially when he meets people he cannot relate to or understand. Because there are many things he couldn't understand, he's very interested in trying to understand the culture of others, having only known his own and rarely did he meet foreigners other than his father. Thanks to his ignorance of the "outside" world, he's easily amused even by the most simple of things. When at a loss on what to do, he sometimes takes reference from situations found in those cheesy local television dramas he was forced to watch with his mom and sisters - but thanks to them, he also developed a strong sense of respect for women. Such situations that would call for such desperate measures would be things like how to work certain gadgets or how to talk to girls.

Not that he is laid back, he tends to be late a lot especially when it's early morning exercises or anything scheduled after siesta (an afternoon rest or nap that's somewhat a Filipino tradition). Even though he may seem too carefree and naive most of the time, Locke is very mindful and observant of everything happening around him, making him able to learn things very quickly even at first glance. Other than being a quick learner, he has a number of notable talents such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting money, taking care of kids, and being like a mom sometimes.

Locke was raised in a family of six, the eldest son with three younger sisters. They live in one of the largest provinces in the Philippines, Palawan, which is home to one of the largest fishery districts thanks to its strategic coastline. His mom was a humble Filipina fish vendor in the market while his dad was an American soldier serving overseas, the two meeting decades before when the dad was part of a military exercise that took place in the island. He had a pretty normal life - not luxurious, but he was happy. His father usually came home once every six months, so his time home was scarce - but as his only son, he spent most of his time with Locke. He taught him how to speak and read in English, and even use a gun secretly somewhere within the vast stretch of forests. His father was so proud, seeing Locke's potential as a marksman; the boy was able to hit a faraway target accurately without needing the scope. A sharp eye ran in the Loden family and Locke's father was overjoyed with his abilities.

One year, his father suddenly stopped returning home. Fearing him dead, Locke’s mom was too grief-stricken to continue work. She spun deep into depression, and was almost unable to care for herself. Locke knew they couldn't go on like this with the little money they were receiving. He was forced to quit school when he was in his senior year at high school. He took over his mom’s job at their small stall at the market while trying to care for the rest of the family, even needing to take his baby sister with him to the fish market. At times, his concerned neighbors who were like family would help him by babysitting every now and then.

Locke had to mature rapidly at the ripe age of seventeen; he was teaching himself how to cook, learning how to care for his sisters, and do every other chore needed at home. Despite being converted to holding up both the roles of a mother and father, he never held it against his mom and wished for her recovery. Thankfully his mom recovered from her depression after a long and arduous year, finally returning to her job at the market. Locke continued his studies but kept some of his part-time jobs to sustain their lifestyle and provide for the family. Life was normal again, and he graduated from high school safely.

Coming back from a late-night shift, he came home to his mother being harassed by a strange group of people demanding money from them. He could tell they were foreigners from their looks and accent especially from the strange language they were using when talking among themselves. They claimed that his father recently borrowed two million pesos (~$40 000) but hadn't paid them back. This came as a shock to Locke and his family, as his father was supposedly missing for more than a year now. Afraid that they would take one of his sisters as compensation or even kill them, Locke persuaded them that he would work to pay their debts; it was a promise that he would come to severely regret.

Forcefully taken and hired, he discovered that these people came from an organization overseas which profits by dealing in military information and probably many other things he wasn't aware of. The organization sent Locke to Milizia as something of a spy, even paying his school fee to get him to pose as a regular student. He didn't understand why these people would go as far as to bother enrolling him but he kept in mind he was doing this for the sake of his family's safety back in the Philippines, Locke's job now is to report back to the organization and stay under the radar.

  • Locke has very sharp vision, enabling him to see things clearly even at a distance.
  • He just wears glasses without graded lenses to appear more intelligent.
  • When he doesn't know someone's name, out of habit he tends to call people who seem older than him kuya (brother), ate (sister), manang (older sister), or manong (old man older brother).
  • To catch someone else's attention, he says "hoy" or "pssst" which for him is the equivalent of "hey". This habit of his tends to annoy others especially foreigners.
  • Instead of saying "yes", he sometimes says po/opo (words that are generally used when addressing elders or superiors, which also denotes a high level of respect).
  • He's quite good and fast in assembling rifles
  • The pins on his scarf were given by his younger sisters.
  • The symbols on the pins are a heart (pink), clover (green), and wing (blue).
  • Locke's scarf once belonged to his dad and was "repaired" by his mom. She has awesome sewing skillz

I drew him the day before, during, and after my birthday. :iconpapmingplz:
Totally not in too many groups///shot

Oh and thanks for the lovely comments, I'll try to find the time to reply to them personally. :iconlazepoolplz:
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TheCresantMoonWolf Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
okay its official.. I have a crush on Locke
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great job! Q u Q)b

kazutan Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Hi Locke omg he's so cute with his mommy-like personality and talents :icontuzkiblushplz: /smacked
sjhflaw and hehehe new roomies * 3 * //// hopefully our sons can get along well!
hen-tie Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Haha really? Thank you and lmao. He lacks manry that's what. :iconmanlytearsplz::iconsparklesplz://srapped

You have a cute son too and I hope they get along as well. ; 7 ; <333
Dylanyo123 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Ah so thats how you spell sinigang

Been eating that dish for most of my life and i didn't even bother to ask how it is spelled
hen-tie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
PFFFT- this comment made me laugh for some reason. x'D

But yeah... at one point I didn't know what the spelling was either. :iconmingteatimeplz:
Dylanyo123 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
My situation exactly
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