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SA: Kanon by hen-tie SA: Kanon by hen-tie

SA Character Application

Thank you so much for the invite, Suki. Q7Q
I hope you like this bitch, waffle. :iconmanweepplz:
ANYYWAAY- you should check out Shibusen, it's awesome!///shot for shameless advertising

Name: Kanon Faeles
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3" ft
Weight: 90 lbs
Partner: Perro

Class: Weapon
Grade level: Freshman

Kanon is by nature a thrifty, independent, and meticulous bitchy young man. He is very careful with handling money, not wanting to waste even a single penny whenever he pays for necessities. He uses his good decision making and natural mathematical skills only applicable to money to take care of his daily to monthly budget. For someone so young, he is intelligent and adaptable with different situations, making him capable of surviving even in the harshest of living conditions. On his own, he is basically able but it couldn't be said the same when in the presence of other people. He may seem cold especially at first impressions since he is quite outward in showing his dislike towards the company of others even to his own meister, willing to shove away anyone who comes too close. He had always found solitude a good companion but there are times when he can't deny the feeling of loneliness. He had grown too accustomed in being by himself that he has forgotten what it feels like to have human compassion.

Even though he possesses an unlikable disposition, he can still perceive kindness and return it, showing it in the most inconspicuous ways possible. He may not like the idea of working along with others but he can be really dependable, willing to do even the most dangerous of jobs as long as he is able to while adjusting himself to the other's pace. Though the likelihood of him to complain and insult is quite high, he usually keeps his thoughts to himself unless it's about budget and spending.

He often shows indifference as if he was uncaring towards his meister, shoving Perro off when he is being clingy, ignoring him, not helping out if small disputes have started, not supporting many antics, or even pushing him out of bed when he crawls up to snuggle. Despite all these harsh treatments, he truly cares for Perro and wouldn't hesitate to save him when in danger. He also doesn't like the idea that someone else is bullying the idiot. Kanon would often give advice during battle, playing safe and defensive to satiate his partner's battle lust and recklessness, not wanting to get his ditzy partner hurt too much especially if hospital fees are involved.

Kanon basically grew up in a life where some people would consider “poor”. He never saw his life that way though since it was the only life he knew and he was always happy to be with his mom. Day in and day out, he always helps her in selling matches and cigars. Even though not much, their sales were enough to feed them and survive with. Whenever in a pinch, the boy would partly transform his arms to his weapon form to scare away any person who means harm to his mom. The mother would often try to remind him not to hurt people though so he really tries his best to scare them as much as he could. Despite their life being so mundane and harsh on most days, Kanon’s mom also always reminds him that each day is a blessing.

On the boy’s tenth eve of Christmas, their sales weren’t doing so well and it made the mother anxious if they still had a day to spare, their meals becoming scarcer and scarcer as the days became colder. She brought Kanon in front of a particular building and hugged him tightly and long without saying a word. The boy didn’t understand that sad look on her face especially when she pulled away. When she was starting to walk away without holding the boy’s hand, he wanted to follow her but she simply shook her head just like the times when she was asking him to stay and wait for her when she was out to get matches and cigars to sell. He hesitantly went back to wait for her in front of the building’s door, sitting on one of the steps of the stairs. Somehow, he, too, was saddened when he saw his mom’s figure getting further and further away. Hours passed by and it was getting colder, the boy shivering as he waited. Out of boredom, he decided to peek into the window once he heard some audible giggling, seeing several different children by the fireplace with a woman sitting on a couch as she told them a story. He noticed all the children don’t look alike and there were so many, nevertheless they seem so close like family. What made him envious of them were neither the pretty decorations in the room nor the large amount of gifts by the Christmas tree but simply of how warm it was in there and how the expressions of their faces seemed so happy. Not wanting to intrude any further, he waited by the steps again till dawn came. Waking up from an uncomfortable sleep outside in the cold, the boy decided to go back to the small alley where he and his mom stay. He assumed his mom might have been too busy to come back for him until he got to their “home”, seeing that whatever belongings they had were gone and no trace of his mother can be seen. It was probably the last time he will ever see her again as he received a gift of solitude.

The days that came after were just like his normal days after that harsh winter; the only difference was that he was alone this time. The only thing that kept him company were alley cats to which he fed and took care of, sharing whatever meals he can come up by. He took on menial jobs like the small-time factory works available, being an errand boy, or to simply cleaning the streets. He was quite flexible with any task given and no matter how disgusting his job may seem he took it as long as there’s something to live off. Never did he begged for alms or stole anything, living by his mother’s teachings and his own pride as he saw those acts were demeaning to his character. It didn’t take too long that the rough life of a homeless kid seemingly stopped when he was noticed by a certain café owner, Azalea, to whom he worked as an errand boy. She was fond of cute children so she couldn’t help but offer him a much more decent job as a full-time waiter to her shop and she was even kind enough to provide a spare room for him to stay in. It was like an indirect adoption to which Kanon couldn’t help but say yes to, happy to finally not be too overworked as he stopped taking his other jobs. There he met a girl, Criselle, who works there as a waitress. Even though she was a little too nice, he learned to appreciate her after he found out she was feeding the same alley cats he was taking care of. He loved his new lifestyle even though it can be hectic sometimes especially during lunch hours and he even learned to read and write thanks to a suitor who usually comes to the café to “work”. Sage is a freelance professor of linguistics who often came to stay in the store for hours as he is “checking” his student’s works. He and Azalea seem to act like a married couple even though they weren’t one and probably what stopped the man from proposing was because of the large age gap they had. Nevertheless, the girl truly loves him and reciprocates his feelings for her in which many of the workers, including Kanon, were happy about.

On the the boy’s fourteenth eve of Christmas, it was cold again and the boy couldn’t help but reminisce the night he last saw his mother. For some strange reason the faint hope he might see her was so strong on that day so he decided to leave the store for a while as some of the workers prepare for their vacation. When he got there on that street, he stood on the street opposite to where the building is as he managed to read the building’s sign post he didn’t manage to make out before. That building’s name was “Lilian Rose Orphanage”. From there, he understood everything and he was happy he didn’t hold any resentment towards her. A woman suddenly came and stood in front of the building to his surprise and for some reason his heart raced and ached. Just before he could take a step closer, he noticed the sky was too dark even though it was winter, knowing it was still early morning. He turned to see the direction where the café was and a large fire was brewing. He was hesitant to run back to the store especially when he saw the woman starting to walk away in a hurry once she noticed the fire as well. Too overwhelmed by worry for the “family” he has back there, he decided to run back to the café as he struggled passing through a large group of panicking people running the other way opposite to his as they screamed. Mixed voices mention about a kishin egg wreaking havoc just nearby. He didn’t care of the danger as he rushed even more. When he got there, the café was in flames but everyone he knew was outside and seemingly accounted for. Just when he thought he could be relieved, he remembered the alley cats that now live behind the store. He rushed to them, dodging the flames and falling breakage as he carried a litter of them in his small bag. Just as he was about to re-join the group, the fire got too big and blocked his way, the heat getting too unbearable. Despite all the noise and calamity going on, he could faintly hear Azalea’s voice shouting from the other side. He could make out some of what she was saying; hearing her mention they should all run far away as possible and they will eventually regroup when she starts looking for all of them after the ordeal is over. Trusting what she said, he ran away as far away his legs could take him, bringing him to the next town.

It was like starting new again in this town as his life reverted back to his old way of living, only the alley cats to keep him company. The only difference is he finally sleeps in a proper bed in a cheap inn that his pocket money could last him for a few weeks. Every day, he would wonder how soon Azalea would try and find him, not knowing where and how she is along with everybody else. To keep himself busy, he applied for a simple job rather than sulk and look aimlessly. Since cleaning chimneys was a popular job at that time, he took it and he often came at the request of an old man living with his grandson. The old man’s chimney was quite problematic since it is old and only skinny people could fit in. The typical cleaning doesn’t work so the boy had to go inside to find out. He later saw the mortar got stuck at the middle when it all clamped up together with sticky tar, having to transform part of his arm into a sharp blade to break it. Success didn’t come smoothly since the boy fell back down on the bottom along with a large amount of soot and debris. Luckily he wasn’t hurt but simply covered in black dirt. The old man was definitely surprised with what happened especially when he saw the young boy’s bladed arm, finding out he was actually a weapon. Knowing his grandson, Perro, was a meister, he couldn’t help but offer the young chimney sweeper a place to stay. Without much to lose, Kanon accepted. From here, it was like he had a new family again.

In time, the grandfather sent off both Perro and Kanon to Shibusen Academy in hopes that they will be strong one day.

- Kanon, along with Perro, now lives in a humble apartment building near the academy, the alley cats living on their balcony so they're balcony cats now//shotforlameness
- The cat's names are Cinder, Orin, Nixie, Kalen, and Kindle who where originally called Tar, Soot, Ash, Smoke, and Gunk until Criselle baptized them with names that are cuter and don't mean dirt.
- He is able to squeeze in through tight spots not only because he has a very slim built but also because of how flexible he is. The skill proved really useful when he was still working as a chimney sweeper.
- He has several cat mannerisms and behaviors such as: loving to eat fish (especially sashimi), curling up when sleeping, landing gracefully on either his legs or on all fours, watching people from a high place, and having very fluid movements. Although the most amusing worst one is his reaction to milk. He tends to put "nya" at the ends of his sentences unintentionally, finding it extremely embarrassing when this happens. Even though he hates the strange side effects, he really loves drinking milk.

I'm sorry for not being able to submit decent stuff and answer messages for a long while, I'm currently being butchered by daily homework in school as we speak. Anyway- ///goes back to working on hw and other due artworks. :iconpapmingplz:

Thank you if you bothered reading this large wall. It means a lot to me. Q7Q
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