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Zero 00: Rhymu by hen-tie Zero 00: Rhymu by hen-tie

▌ P R O F I L E

[ B A S I C · I N F O R M A T I O N ]
Name : Rhymu Die Nullte (pronounced as Di Nul-te)
D.O.B. : June 5
Age : 16
Gender : Male
Height : 5’5” ft
Weight : 99 lbs
Zone : 2

[ O C C U P A T I O N ]
    Part-time assistant at a nursery school
    He started working with Beate after dropping out of school. The employer was someone Beate personally knows, only taking both out of pity. Instead of getting a regular salary, they both get free rent in a small apartment while receiving an occasional allowance.

[ D E M O N I C · W E A P O N ]
    Raindrops — Magical
    Twin bladed-tonfa guns. It can shoot water at high-pressures that can rival the power of a fireman’s hose or water cannon, rendering the user immobile to prevent himself from being thrown backwards because of the strong recoil. The blades are just like water jet cutters, able to mutilate objects and people at close range. Although, both guns cannot utilize the blades while shooting and vice versa since they have to reroute the water according to the mode of attack range, having to shift either to close or long range.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

A smile is all you need.

[ N O R M A L ]
    [ Altruist | Optimist | Warm-hearted | Loyal | Cheerful | Easily Sidetracked | Reliant | Weak-willed ]
    Rhymu is a happy-go-lucky bona fide optimist, able to easily appreciate the good in the smallest of things that are hardly seen by many. He believes in the notion to “live life to the fullest” and to avoid looking back at things with regret. Aside from his cheery disposition, he does have his silly moments that are often caused by naivety or plain clumsiness. Somehow he lacks “common sense”. By nature he is very friendly since he likes to get along with people, often thinking about the feelings of others out of pure genuine concern. Reason why he’s like this is because he treasures the company of those he befriended, being a person who couldn’t bear fights, arguments, and solitude. Thus, he will always try to adjust to the other person for the sake of company. Although his kindness may be a good thing, it makes him incredibly vulnerable to deceit because of his tendencies to be easily attached and trusting to almost anyone. But no matter how dire or how dark a situation may get, he will always find a way to smile… even if it means to forgive and forget.

[ Z E R O ]
    [ Aloof | Pessimist | Detached | Ruthless | Tactless | Cunning | Selfish | Independent | Arrogant ]
    Unfortunately, his zero form doesn’t seem to share the same sunny outlook and disposition his normal self has. The once caring and thoughtful boy, who is completely unaware of the existence of another personality, became cold and completely detached from the people around him, clearly unexpressive and seemingly unable to show or feel emotion. He rarely even speaks but when he does, it’s usually snarky comments that are spoken in such a monotonous manner. It is as if he became an entirely different person especially during battle, showing neither hesitation to fight nor concern for fellow zeros. To him, there’s not much a difference from ally and foe.
    Although it may seem that the zero form’s personality is a manifestation from his will to live in the midst of danger inside “The World”, having appeared during his first battle, it is actually his “true” self. Even if the normal personality bears the likeness of the original, the colder personality came to be after being warped from deep guilt and self-hatred; having accepted and fully embraced his “sin” unlike his normal self that denied it from ever happening. Thus, the normal personality doesn’t remember a thing about his crime (also extremely clueless of the games and totally not taking it seriously). Although, he unconsciously avoids hospitals and gardens. The conflicting resolutions were strong enough to make his personality split. There are rare instances that the colder personality appears even outside “The World” when he feels threatened physically or if the other one is at the risk of knowing the truth. It is as if he unconsciously recreated his old, kind self to protect and retain his happiness.

[ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
+ Sweets
+ Kids
+ Being with others
+ Family
+ Cleaning and doing chores
+ Swimming
+ Rain
+ Music
+ Singing
+ Dancing (Breaking)
+ Watching movies
+ Rabbits

- Elevators
- Unkempt things
- Bitter things
- Being alone
- Himself

▌B I O G R A P H Y

Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.

    — Voltaire

“I grew up only with a mom and live in a small apartment in zone two. Unlike most of the buildings here, I think the one we live in is one of the oldest since it had the weirdest looking (vintage as some would describe it) elevator that creaks and stops every now and then. Getting stuck in it is kinda scary. School’s also nearby since it’s just one train stop away. Oh! And mom’s a music teacher who teaches where I study as well, and sometimes she would teach me too whenever we got home together. It was because of her I love music so much, especially the classics. Not that I keep it a secret but many of my songs in my music player are compositions she made. We are almost always together, may it be at school, out to the mall, or at home.

“Since we didn’t have much, we often make our own clothes and food rather than buy all the time. Mom usually worries and asks if I was getting bored with our pastimes but I would always say there was never a time I didn’t enjoy it. Bonding is bonding after all and I never tire from it! She would say sorry a lot too with how she treats me more of a daughter than a son especially since she admitted that she wanted a girl when she had me. She said she couldn’t help it because I really look like her. It was funny really and I didn’t mind because I just want her to be happy.

“I had lots of friends as well from school or from my mom’s own set of friends; I could only wish that there was more time in a day so I could spend it with all of them. There was just this one friend that mom usually talks about that I haven’t met yet. She would usually wear this special smile that she used to only give me whenever she talks about him, and the more I listened… the more I wanted to meet him because he sounds like a wonderful person. It was definitely a simple life honestly but it was a life I love more than any other.

“I really thought that it would just go on normally like this but… mom just… collapsed one day. I heard it from one of her co-teachers that she was rushed to the hospital. I was dismissed immediately from class so I could check up on her. I… I didn’t know what I should feel… but I was scared. But I need to be brave because what matters now is that mom needs me. I want to see her so badly when I got there but I was greeted by one of the doctors who suddenly bombarded me with questions.
Was she displaying strange behavior for the past days? Is she taking any medication? Has she been having any medical check-ups lately? How has she been feeling prior to this day?
“I did my best to respond to all the questions, but could only give vague answers since I don’t know what was really going on either. I only mentioned how she seemed to be dizzier nowadays, getting frequent headaches, and sometimes vomiting early in the morning; only to be affirmed by her it was “normal”. Then… I heard something I didn’t expect. The doctor told me she was diagnosed with brain tumor some months ago, classified as a supratentorial high-grade glioma (I don’t really know what this is but it sounds really bad) but refused to take some treatment. I didn’t really understand how dangerous it is but… just hearing the word “tumor” is enough for me to be shocked. Mom didn’t say anything about this… She always told me everything; her life, her preferences, her experiences… but I guess not all of her secrets. This was the first time I wished I didn’t listen to her when she said everything was “alright” and that I shouldn’t worry. The doctor kept explaining how the tumor became worse in such a short amount of time and that it has affected her other bodily functions that requires her to be hooked on life support since she was now in a comatose state. The information overload… the news… it’s too much to take that it began to sound like droning.

“I didn’t want to listen anymore until the doctor said there was still a small chance she could be saved since her condition is curable. That was the only consolation he could offer me. And even if he said her survival rate was low, I could only hope because there was still a chance. He said it would just be a matter of time before they could begin an operation since they’re waiting for someone to sign a consent form, something I couldn’t sign because I wasn’t old enough. Who could it be? I didn’t know any other relatives we might have because I only knew there were just the two of us… because dad left.

“When I finally came in mom’s room, I saw her. It’s like she was just sleeping but… this time I’m not sure if she would… wake up. I just went close to her and held her hand. The next thing I knew… I was crying. And the tears didn’t stop.
Mom… please be okay…
“I kept waiting and waiting until I fell asleep by her bed side. In a blink of an eye, I just knew I was in a garden in bright daylight all of a sudden. It’s that same garden that mom takes care of behind the school building. Then I saw her smiling at me as she was tending to a flowerbed. I went to her and I realized she was having a hard time taking out a weed that seems to be stuck. I bent down next to her and tried to tug it with her. It was really tough to pull. I told her I’d try doing it myself then she let it go, giving me that special smile… but it looked sad for some reason. I think I’m dreaming but… everything felt all too real. I really really tried my hardest and then when I managed to actually pull it out… I woke up.

“I’m confused. I’m still in the hospital room alright but I was no longer by the bed… but rather near a bleeping machine that suddenly gave a flat, loud beep. What was going on?! I panicked. Then… when I looked at my hand… there’s a plug. It just dawned to me what I just did.

“I just stared at mom as she began to lose color from her face, the flat noise ringing in my ears. A nurse suddenly entered the room and ran to mom. I couldn’t understand or take in what she was saying but she looked scared when she looked at me with the plug at hand. She started shouting and I could hear several footsteps outside. I was scared. So many things going on! I didn’t know what to do so I ran. I kept on running even after I left the hospital. I didn’t care if my feet got blisters, my legs ached, or my chest began to hurt. I didn’t care when I couldn’t feel them anymore. I just didn’t care. I just want to get away so I kept on running.

It’s my fault mom won’t wake up. It’s my fault. It’s not true. It’s all just a dream. That’s right. Mom will be okay. We’ll all be happy just like we always are. I’ll make her favorite Sweet Minuet Pancakes first thing in the morning! That’s what I kept telling myself over and over when I hid under a bridge. That’s right. Tomorrow things will be normal again.

“Then someone I didn’t know came up to me. But before I could even see his face… I passed out. I could only feel warm after. Was this someone’s back? Was I being carried? I didn’t know. But it was strangely comfortable. Maybe because I didn’t realize I was already freezing.

“I just began to forget.

“And believe my lie…

“Although… a part of me knows…

“I killed mom.”

[ U N K N O W N · C H A P T E R ]

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ T R I V I A ]
  • His zero form has ram-like animal features such as the horns, tail, and ears.
  • He has traces of schizophrenia.
  • He is learning Capoeira from a freelance instructor, whom he thought was a b-dance teacher. He uses what he learns in dancing though since most Capoeira moves look like dance movements.
  • His mom’s name is Aria Rhapsody.
  • He currently lives with Beate, the person who saved him under the bridge.
  • He likes romantic and feel-good sitcoms and movies but he surprisingly likes horror and gore flicks as well, not the least scared at all and not finding it any less enjoyable either. He still hates creepy elevator scenes though.
  • He is very adept in baking and cooking, preferring home-made meals over any other food.
  • He tends to name his “creations” with musical terms or names.

[ R E L A T I O N S ]
  • Beate : He only knows he is his mom's "friend" who she often talked about. He is like a brother to him.

[ D E V I C E ]

Hope you love this moe girly bitch boy, Kan. I will try to be a good kawaii otouto//bricked. Special thanks to =Neririn for reminding me about opening and giving me tips of what to expect in this awesome group and *SepticBleach for also giving advice and proofreading my shitty writing.

Thank you if you had the time to look at this candy color shitty mess reading this wall of text. I really appreciate it. ; 7 ;

Hope I get accepted since the group looks really really awesome. Battle system and concept and all. * 7 *

EDIT: Thank you so much for accepting me. I'll try to do my best in the group. :iconlazepoolplz:
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In any case, I'd love to RP with you sometime if you're interested! o/
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Your form is amazing. I also love your character though. His zero mode is amazing, but his personality is just so... fitting? It truly makes him an interesting character.
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